Saturday, June 12, 2021

Seattle Show Cons Of Crowning MVP Early On

The Seattle Seahawks started the 2020 season 6-1 and many predicted them as a Super Bowl pick. Quarterback Russell Wilson and wide receiver DK Metcalf were seen as one of the best quarterback and wide receiver duos in the league.

Wilson was seen as the MVP favourite but the season deteriorated. Seattle’s form fell off a cliff. They still managed to win games but did not seem as dominant as they looked in the opening six to eight weeks.

They ended up crashing out of the wildcard round, losing 30-20 to the Los Angeles Rams.

This season proved why the MVP should not be crowned by the media after six weeks.

So What Went Wrong For Seattle?

The Seahawks appeared to peak too early.

Wilson’s aforementioned MVP talk was justified early on, throwing 26 touchdowns in his first seven games

“Let Russ Cook” was the motto early on as the Seahawks abandoned a run game typical of head Pete Carroll’s offense.

This can be seen as a cause for the decline of Wilson’s monster start as the Seahawks soon faded away when playing against better defenses who adopted schemes to deal with Seattle’s offense.

Seeing Seattle’s form decline saw Wilson’s MVP talk go from a seemingly certain outcome to now being all but impossible, with Aaron Rodgers moving well ahead in the race.

At the start of the season. Seattle’s defense was seen as the weak area of this team. Bengals defense end Carlos Dunlap came in and the defense improved, at the same time the offense declined.

One of the biggest injustices of the 2010s was that Wilson had never received a single MVP vote. After the first six weeks, it seemed all but a certainty that this would be ended in 2020. It is a realistic possibility that this wait for a vote could go on into the 2021 season.

We saw Tyler Lockett decline after the first half of the season. Lockett caught for seven touchdowns in Seattle’s first six games. He would only go on to score three more touchdowns in the remaining ten games.

DK Metcalf recorded four 100 yard games in the opening eight matches of the season, but only managed one in the remaining eight. Metcalf also recorded 8 touchdowns in his first eight games of the 2020 season, but only caught for two more afterwards.

With how the season ended, Pete Carroll needs to address the one clear problem, the offensive line which saw Wilson sacked 47 times. This was the third-most in the NFL this season.

Offensive line issues have been around for many years and unless Seattle tries to improve it, they will continue to waste Wilson’s career and limit him to just one Super Bowl win.

MVP should never be talked about until at least week 14 or 15. Wilson and the Seahawks proved that you should not predict pick a Super Bowl winner at week 5 or 6.

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