Sunday, June 16, 2024


Mike Trout may decide success of MLB 2020

With the 2020 MLB season facing unprecedented pressure, and players opting out, will Mike Trout be the biggest domino to fall and threaten the whole season?

MLB 2020 plan is outrageous but interesting

MLB is trying to find a solution to getting the 2020 season played as the Covid-19 pandemic threatens all professional sport.

Carlos Beltran poses a serious dilemma

Carlos Beltran is on thin ice in NY and surely is mere days away from the axe as MLB's latest cheating scandal claims more casualties by the day.

Alex Cora facing lifetime ban?

Red Sox manager Alex Cora is facing a lengthy ban from MLB after being named as one of the key pieces in sign-stealing scandal.

Yankees reigniting the evil empire ethos

With the signing of Gerrit Cole a whole new generation of baseball fans are finding out why the Yankees are called the evil empire.

Gerrit Cole set for record-breaking deal

With a 35-10 record over the last two seasons Gerrit Cole is about to become a very rich man. We break down his three most likely destinations.

Zack Wheeler is another odd signing for the Phillies

Zack Wheeler has signed a lucrative $118-million deal to join the Phillies. But is the money well spent, or is Wheeler a risk?

The Bryce Harper Saga

The Bryce Harper Saga is finally over but what's the fallout for the teams in the chase?