Wednesday, August 10, 2022

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Baker Mayfield looking for redemption in ’22

Football has a short memory, just ask Baker Mayfield. After leading the Browns to their first playoff win in 26 years and their first playoff appearance in 22 years Mayfield seemed to have solidified himself as the Browns QB of the future. But after an injury plagued, and frankly appalling performance on the field in 2021, Mayfield found himself being ousted by DeShaun Watson. In fairness...

Ryan Jensen set to miss most of 22 season

Training camp has only just started by Ryan Jensen and the Buccaneers are facing their first major hurdle of the new season with the...

Ryan Kerrigan hangs up cleats after 11 years

Linebacker Ryan Kerrigan has announced his retirement after 11 seasons and four pro bowl appearances. He signed a one-day contract with the Commanders to...

Jimmy Garoppolo proving wins aren’t a QB stat

As Jimmy Garoppolo sits on the pine in San Francisco he is unwittingly dis-proving the idea that wins are a QB stat. The debate has...

Do the Atlanta Falcons have a plan at QB1?

The Atlanta Falcons have added Marcus Mariota and Desmond Ridder after trading Matt Ryan to the Colts.

But do they have a plan, or are they on a wing and a prayer?

The curious world of the Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns are just one season removed from a divisional playoff game. But so much has changed.

NFL Lingo Explained

As we head towards the playoffs why not brush up on the most common NFL lingo.

Matt Nagy’s reign of boredom is nearing end

Matt Nagy has divided fans and pundits for a while now.

But his tenure in Chicago is on the outs after another disappointing season.

Betting on a Budget: NFL Edition

The NFL and American Football in general is one of the most popular sports to bet on in the world, and it is the most popular sport to be bet on in the United States.

Miami Dolphins defense just got weaker

As news broke on Tuesday evening that Xavien Howard was seeking a trade, the Miami Dolphins defense suffered it's biggest hit of the off-season....

10 Facts About The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is an American treasure. There’s nothing quite like gathering with friends and family on Super Bowl Sunday to sit on the...

Real talk: The Dolphins really believe in Tua

If you've paid attention this offseason you know the Dolphins really believe in Tua. But for those at the back who aren't paying attention,...

Teven Jenkins could be the best pick of 2021

With the majority of the attention focussed on Bears top pick Justin Fields people would be mistaken if they lose focus on Teven Jenkins....