Monday, July 22, 2024

Saints QB Carr thinks team way ahead

Saints QB Derek Carr believes this years team are way ahead of last year and way ahead of the low expectations that are surrounding the team as we head towards teh 2024 season.

“We’re so far ahead of where we were last year, just as a team, just as a group of guys,” Carr said. “Last year we were so excited. Everyone was so excited, but we really didn’t show why we were so excited until it was too late. So for us, you get humbled a little bit. That’s unacceptable for what we have in that room.”

Will Saints be able to build on strong finish

“No, no. I’ve been on teams where that was the case and that was our best team,” Carr said. “Then you come in and you play good football and you just try to just string good days together. That’s the exciting part about this game, is you always get another chance. Not every time, but this group of guys will get another chance to put that ball down and say ‘This is what Saints football is this year.'”

Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis is also feeling the positive vibes. “It’s different coaches, but look, there’s a lot of crossover between all of these systems. There’s a lot of things that Derek’s familiar with,” Loomis said. “He’s not a new player; he’s a veteran player that’s been in several offenses over the years. He’ll adapt really quickly, I’m confident of that, and there will be a familiarity with his teammates that didn’t exist last year.”

“We’re just trying to do more so that when we get back out there on the field, we can make our fans proud and they can be proud of the football they see on tape,” Carr said. “Because last year it was not good enough. We’ve been really focused on making sure we do more, now, not talking about it, we’re just doing the work, so that when we come back after training camp, we make our fans proud with the image of football that they see.”

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