Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Desperate stuff from Jets HC Saleh for ’24?

Jets QB Aaron Rodgers says head coach Robert Saleh is adding his own spin to the new offence they are building in New York.

“He’s added a lot of interesting stuff that you’ll see throughout the OTAs and training camp, which I think would be pretty cool for us,” Rodgers said.

“As a defensive coach, he’s been in that room a lot, but he’s been kind of sitting over to the left of me a good amount of the offseason so far. So we appreciate his influence. He’s brought some really good ideas to the table.”

Saleh on Jets hot seat

Whether job security has anything to do with Saleh’s interest in the offence this season is debatable, but there can be no doubt the heat is turning up on him. With the trading of Zach Wilson, the Jets moved on from their future at QB.

Whiffing on the number-three pick is never good optics for a head coach, and the Jets have now gone all in on Rodgers, with little view, it seems, on the future.

With veteran QB Rodgers coming off a 3-play season in his first in New York, the window for this team to be competitive for a championship seems pretty small. But make no mistake there is a lot of pressure, both external, and internal.

“I feel like we can win the championship — Super Bowl. We got the guys, we got the coaches. We got everything we need — the training staff, everything — that it will take for us to be able to get where we want to get to,”¬†cornerback Sauce Gardner said.

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