Saturday, October 23, 2021

Betting on a Budget: NFL Edition

Betting on the NFL. The NFL and American Football in general is one of the most popular sports to bet on in the world, and it is the most popular sport to be bet on in the United States. There are plenty of ways you can bet on the NFL,...

Tua Tagovailoa has a chance to be this season’s best NFL QB but still might get MVP snub; Here’s why

Tua Tagovailoa has faced nothing but criticism from the majority of the sports media.

Love him or hate him 2021 is a big season.

The Bears fall to the Bills 41-15. Is it time for a change of plan?

After a positive outing in Week 1 of pre-season, the Bears came back to earth against the Bills

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Dolphins roster facing tight fit at Tight End

One of the strengths of the Dolphins roster in 2021 is the tight end room. But lurking in that depth are some tough decisions.

Why The Miami Dolphins Got Their First Round Pick Right And Other Teams Didn’t

Every NFL offseason there are several mock drafts. Some mock drafts even come out as way to early...

Where will the Miami Dolphins pressure come from?

As we keenly await the first appearance of Jaelan Phillips in a Miami Dolphins jersey in a meaningful(ish) game,...

Do you trust the ‘Brian Flores’ process?

I can only speak for myself but I trust the process. I've had no reason not to. Since Brian Flores...

Justin Fields: He Is Our Future

In the first pre-season game, we got our first tantalising glimpses of what Justin Fields will give us -...