Monday, May 27, 2024

Could Cowboys enter massive rebuild in ’25

The Dallas Cowboys are facing down one of the hardest offseason, and seem to be unsure of a lot of things.

At the forefront of everyone’s mind is the impending situation with QB Dak Prescott who is in the final year of his contract. That contract, $160-million over four years, current sees Dak as the leagues tenth highest paid QB. But with a cap hit this year of $55.4-million you would thing the Cowboys would be talking extension so they could reduce that figure.

But so far, there have been no talks.

Are Cowboys looking to hit the rest button

“I’m focused on here, right now where I am,” Prescott said. “That’s how I’ve always been. Anytime y’all have asked me, it’s always been about right now, getting better tomorrow. And I’ve been in this situation before, so it’s OK. I’m fine in any situation at that point betting on myself or playing this year out.”

“I’m not trying to be the highest paid necessarily,” Prescott said. “We’ll wait until the negotiations begin and obviously want to put this team in the best situation. I’m not going to say I fear being here or not,” Prescott said.

“I don’t fear either situation, to be candid with you. I love this game and love to play and love to better myself as a player and my teammates around me. Right now it’s with the Dallas Cowboys. It’s where I want to be and that’s where I am and that’s the focus. And after this season we’ll see where we’re at and if the future holds that … and then if not, we’ll go from there.”

“We’ll get the work in, whether it’s him getting into the facility, maybe a deal gets done,” Prescott said. “If it doesn’t, I’ll guarantee that we’ll still find a lot of time to make sure we’re putting in the work [so] that we feel comfortable.”

Meanwhile, head coach Mike McCarthy seems to be on borrowed time as the Cowboys haven’e spent in free agency, because there’s little cap flexibility. It makes you wonder if this is all-in for the Cowboys and then hit the reset.

“We spend max, max money year in and year out. All 32 can only spend the same amount of money over a five-year stretch,” executive vice president Stephen Jones said. “When we’re all said and done, we max out our salary cap every year. We will have done that and what comes with having a good roster, which we do, we also are looking towards signing our own guys. It doesn’t mean it happens overnight. But when you’re wanting to sign players like Dak and Micah and CeeDee, then certainly you have to hold money back if you want to have a realistic chance of signing those guys.”

The problem with that, is that the Cowboys would have MORE space this year if they signed Prescott to an extension. All eyes will be on the draft to see what Dallas are really thinking.

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