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New England Patriots sign journeyman QB Brian Hoyer

Brian Hoyer will head back to New England for the third time in his career as part of the team's plan to find a replacement for Tom Brady.

What Hoyer signing means for the New England Patriots quarterback spot

With Brian Hoyer heading back to Foxborough for a third shift, things are starting to look slightly more stable at the Patriots quarterback position. A journeyman QB...

New England Patriots free agency: Four tight ends the Pats could target

The New England Patriots free agency priority this off-season is undoubtedly what happens with Tom Brady and the quarterback position. But by far the biggest improvement they...

Spygate 2.0: What is the latest with NFL’s probe into the New England Patriots?

The NFL's bias is showing with delayed conclusion to farcical Spygate 2.0 investigation

New England Patriots Season Preview

On February 3rd, 2019 the New England Patriots took part in their fourth Super Bowl in the last five seasons; winning their third during that streak. Unlike the previous...

AFC Championship Preview: New England Patriots @ Kansas City Chiefs

The team everyone loves to hate, the New England Patriots are set to play in a record 8th consecutive AFC Championship game today. They’re the only team to ever reach...

4 reasons why Tom Brady leaving the Patriots is good for New England

Tom Brady leaving the Patriots for Tampa Bay is a catastrophic event that has devastated New England fans and shocked the NFL to its core. The 42-year-old...

Patriots fans in mourning as Tom Brady leaves New England

Well - it's finally happened. No matter how many prayers Patriots fans sent to the NFL gods, our worst nightmare has come true as Tom Brady leaves New England.

No, Andy Dalton should not sign with the Patriots for 2020 season

Andy Dalton's time in Cincinnati is over after he was cut by the Bengals following failed trade attempts. Cincinnati took record-breaking college quarterback Joe Burrow with the...

How will the 5 new Patriots fit after busy draft night?

After a quiet first night on Thursday, the New England Patriots certainly made themselves known on the second night of the draft, trading up and taking five players.


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