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The Patriots are still not making a decision, publicly at least, about who will be their starting QB week 10.

Head coach Bill Belichick said earlier this week, “We’ll look at everything, all the way across the board. Not specifically one position, but just look at everything and do the best we can here going forward.” 

There has to be serious doubt over Mac Jones continuing as the Patriots starter after the performance against the Colts in Germany in which he was pulled with one series remaining. Now in his third year Jones has 48 touchdown passes and 36 interceptions.


The Patriots situation hasn’t been helped by Rob Gronkowski jawing on Up and Adams with Kay Adams.

“If I was Mac Jones, he’s not respected in New England,” Gronkowski said. “Coach Belichick has played all these games with him. Bailey Zappe isn’t even close to being on Mac Jones’ level. You should never, ever sit Mac Jones. You tried it once, you tried it twice, it’s not working. Now, he’s doing it again. He won’t name a starting quarterback.”

Gronkowski added: “I think Mac Jones ultimately, even right now, should just go ask for his release. If you’re talking to me about what he should do, ask for his release.”

It’s easy to say Jones isn’t respected, the way he’s playing doesn’t earn respect. The Patriots have a major problem going forward, and you could easily see why that would start Zappe to see what he’s got and then retool the QB position with a top prospect in the draft.

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