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WWE Raw: Memorial Day – A Week Without Roman

Memorial Day, A WEEK WITHOUT ROMAN!!!! I know I didn’t think it was possible either. All we got was a face shot of him promoting a match at Money in the Bank between him and Mahal. Oh how will we ever get people to watch without him.

The Memorial Day Raw cam live from Richmond, Virginia. Raw is still just rolling along on the path to Money in the Bank. A women’s gauntlet match to determine the last qualifier for the Money in the Bank ladder match. The B Team held a BBQ, and it was a night full of run ins and disqualifications. At least we are getting closer to the Pay-Per-View, the long in between has hurt the storylines.

A week without Roman

Braun/Finn Rematch

The show started with Braun Strowman cutting a promo. But as he told the roster that he was winning Money in the Bank, Finn Balor came out. They exchanged jabs about last week’s match. Finn slaps Braun, causing him to toss Finn like a child. Kurt Angle’s music hits and he sets up a match between the two, right now.

Kevin Owens comes out on commentary. The match is very much like last weeks. Braun is dominant for most, while Finn uses his quickness when he can. At one point Braun shoulder tackles Finn over the barricade and into the crowd. He carries him back over the barricade, and that’s when Finn gets the advantage, pushing him into the ring post. Owens taunts both men when they get an advantage.

Balor hits a double stomp to a kneeling Braun’s back. Then hits a Coup de Grace. He climbs for another and is taken out by Kevin Owens. Owens grabs a ladder and hits Balor. He goes to hit Braun, but Braun catches it and shoves him away. He tosses the ladder halfway down the ramp at a fleeing Owens. Braun leaves the ring on the hunt.

As much as it was predictable, it had cool moments. Finn bumping all over the place for Braun. It looks like they are going to make a side storyline between the Raw guys for Money In The Bank. I am actually happy that they let someone use a ladder going into a ladder match. Seems like they never do that with gimmick matches anymore, so it’s nice to see Owens utilizing the prop to gain heat. Also, whenever he retires he should look at commentating, he is pretty good.

Intercontinental Superstar

In a match set up last week. Seth Rollins defended his intercontinental championship against Jinder Mahal. But, before we can get to that, Elias is in the ring, just sitting there, hating on the crowd. He does it through a whole commercial break before Rollins music hits. He arrogantly takes Elias’s stool and tosses it out of the ring, before gesturing him out.

The match between Mahal and Rollins was pretty bland, despite Rollins trying his best, hitting dives to the outside and selling for Mahal. Singh played a big part in the match, getting booted after stopping a curb stomp, then setting up the finish. Coming down to the ring and stopping Rollins from hitting another curb stomp, he provided the distraction so Mahal could hit Rollins with a chair.

Rollins kicks out, Singh jumps in and is buckle bombed into Mahal. Rollins is fed up and grabs a chair. He batters Mahal and Singh all the way up the ramp. As Rollins celebrates on the announce table, Elias appears behind and Jeff Jarrett’s him with a guitar. Rollins is put on a stretcher with a neck brace, but doesn’t stay down.

Another DQ. I thought this night was gonna be all DQ’s after this match. I gotta say that Mahal and Rollins isn’t something I want to see again. There just isn’t any chemistry between the two. That and I miss the head shots with weapons. I get the chairs, but a guitar. It’s gimmicked anyway, that’s why Elias went to the back. Should be an old school head shot if you want to sell me on the stretcher. And of course he fights off, we can’t show Rollins hurt.

Jax squashes Jobber

A week without Roman

At least we got the jobbers name this time, thanks Graves. This week it was Michelle Webb fed to a superstar. Not really a match as much as a humiliation that just also happened in a ring. Rousey interrupted Jax’s entrance to join on commentary, so Jax just talked to Rousey in between the beat down. Starting by letting Webb put her in an armbar, she picked her up and powerbombed her. Stopping to talk to Rousey, before hitting a samoan drop.

More talking, then a senton. Finally ending it with a rolling senton. Jax then called Rousey in the ring to clean up Webb. They faced off, Jax called Ronda’s mean face cute. Then walked off. I guess this counted as a match.

Well we got another squash match. At least someone is listening to me about bringing some of the old school ideas back. Jax’s cutting back and forth between talking and taunting Ronda, to attacking Webb was alright at first, but grew tiresome fast. Also, Jax told Ronda to come get Webb, and stopped the ref from grabbing her. But, when Rousey got into the ring Webb was gone… mysterious disappearing act or just a bad idea? I will go with the latter. Moving on.

Hardy/Wyatt Out Weird The Ascension

A quick tag team match, Hardy and Wyatt still kept it rolling. Getting fed The Ascension, they made quick work. Konnor and Viktor had early success but it was stalled once Wyatt got into the fray. Hardy hitting the Twist of Fate on Konnor before Wyatt hit the uranage on Viktor. Hardy tags as Wyatt twirls upside down in the corner. They hit the Kiss of Deletion and it’s 1, 2, 3, and your winners Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt.

Still not sold on this whole Bray and Hardy team up. Think Bray should be in the title scene and be the new “horror gimmick after ‘Taker”, but they failed long ago. Hardy works best in the mid card honestly. Being a tag is nice, but having to be the bumper with Bray isn’t doing his body any favors. I would love to see him make his own mid-card belt and take on other weird characters, and drag in some newer talent into weird feuds that they wouldn’t be in otherwise.

Owens Steals One

Kevin Owens and Bobby Roode went one on one as they are making all the Raw Money in the Bank qualifiers wrestle each other. This also started because of Owens actions and words earlier. Trying to escape the arena, and Braun, Angle stopped him and made this match. Owens had the upper hand early. Depositing Roode outside, and hitting the Cannonball Senton outside. After we get back from commercial, Roode takes over and hits a blockbuster for a 2 count.

After a battle on the top rope, Roode hits a flying clothesline. He charges up for the Glorious DDT, but Owens rolls out and walks away. Roode chases him, as Owens stops. He rolls Owens back in and he hits a superkick on Roode. Roode attempts a roll up, but Owens falls on top of him, 1, 2, 3 and your winner Kevin Owens.

As Owens walks to the back, Braun’s music hits. Owens takes off, with Braun in chase, but Roode cuts him off. Braun tosses Owens into the ring and hits a Running Powerslam. Roode is on the top rope celebrating. Braun hits another, as Roode continues to celebrate. Braun reaches up with one hand and rips him onto his shoulder, hitting a powerslam on him.

I really don’t understand where this is going. They are having mini feuds start in between the Raw superstars in the match. Is this a swerve to get us to think none of them will win it? Are we finally letting Braun’s push go to the moon? I hope they don’t screw the pooch here. There is enough talent to have a great match, don’t go wasting it trying to do too much. Storyline will organically come out of the match if you book it correctly.

Zayn Apologizes….

But it would be better if it was Vince or anyone in creative. That was a terrible idea. Zayn came out and said sorry, and admitted he hired the guys. But, then went on a ME rant. That he shouldn’t have to say sorry and should be wrestling for titles. He deserves it. Lashley came out and challenged him to a match. Zayn agreed, then shook hands. Lashley got serious and started crushing his hand. He apologized for what he is gonna do to him.

Man, Lashley and that damn smile. This angle was D.O.A, but they signed Lashley and gotta do something with him. I guess he won’t ever try being a heel, so we are stuck with smiling Lashley. They could have at least made his MMA career bigger and promoted him that way. He would at least be in a title situation. But, what do I know, I’m just some writer on some website. Maybe one day I will be able to make a decision about what goes on, but now we all gotta suffer with this.

McIntyre Destroys Gable

Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler have been on a tear since teaming up, and Gable has taken the brunt of it. Being beaten last week by Ziggler, now he had to face McIntyre. (I thought Gable and Angle were friends) McIntyre really had no problem with Gable. Just over powering the smaller man, Gable had no real chance. Trying to technical wrestle only worked until McIntyre threw a big blow and stopped him dead in his tracks. Gable did hit a big moonsault for a 2 count, but that just infuriated McIntyre. Going outside, McIntyre caught a diving Gable, and tossed him into the ringpost, kinda. Rolled him in and hit the Claymore Kick. 1, 2, 3 and your winner Drew McIntyre.

McIntyre and Ziggler have been beating up everyone, but now Gable gets it two weeks in a row. I’m worried about the small amount of time they are giving them to work. They have done this to Ziggler too many times for me to not worry. Hopefully they are back on McIntyre being the chosen one and Ziggler at least comes along for the ride.

B-Team’s Memorial Day BBQ

Well, that didn’t go as planned. Being set up all night, The B Team bugged Angle about receiving a title shot after being 2-0. He told them they had to win, but the duo took the message all wrong. Setting up a BBQ for the tag team division, they tried to convince the division to let the B-Team jump everyone and get a title shot. Mostly comedy, Rhyno had a pan full of sandwiches, everything was named after the B-Team. Axel really shined tonight acting dumb. After asking, then immediately accepting an unagreed title shot, the B-Team tried to walk away.

Stopped by Titus and Apollo criticizing the food not being seasoned, and not having and ribs or brisket. Heath Slater interjected, but ultimately agreed with Titus, no shot. The B-Team got food dumped on them, then a food fight ensued. Throughout it all Rhyno still sits and eats. He throws sandwiches out to the crowd, but is jumped by The B-Team. They put him through a table and celebrate, covered in food. They go to the back and Kurt set up a tag team battle royal for the number one contender.

This could have been terrible, but it was actually funny. Axel shined, not keeping his inner monologue to himself. The commentators were dying during the bit, and kept breaking through. I like what they are doing with the B-Team, and it works letting them do the gimmick idea, because they are so dumb. It’s nice to see them push a comedy team without just making them parodies or making them just toilet humor. They are at least letting them play dumb and dumber.

Women’s Gauntlet

A gauntlet match to decide to final participant in the women’s Money in the Bank match. Sasha Banks, Bayley, Mickie James, Dana Brooke, Sarah Logan. Liv Morgan and Ruby Riot were involved. The first falls were very fast. Bayley and Liv Morgan start the match. And Morgan is done before you even blinked. A Bayley to Belly, 1, 2, 3 and Liv is gone. Sarah Logan was out next. She put up more of a fight. Knocking Bayley around, but Bayley rolls her up. 1, 2, 3 and Logan is gone. Ruby Riot is out next, but the Riot squad jumps Bayley as she walks down. After the beat down, it’s all Riot. Bayley gets a small momentum, but a Riot Kick puts her out. 1, 2, 3.

Dana Brooke is next, and she actually has offense, hitting a back handspring elbow and staggering Riot. But, it’s not long a clothesline and Riot Kick later, 1, 2, 3 and Brooke is sent to the back. Mickie James comes out, and puts up a fight. Making Riot work to stay in the match. After a missed Mick Kick, Riot misses a Riot Kick, then rolls up James. She grabs the tights, 1, 2, 3 and Riot only has one more opponent, Sasha Banks.

After a quick succession of pin attempts, Banks take control and looks for a Banks Statement, but Riot escapes. Banks hits a meteora from the top. After Riot hits a rebound DDT, she drags banks to the top. Banks counters, sliding down. She hits a powerbomb, and then attempts a pin. Riot kicks out but Banks counters into the Banks Statement again. The Riot squad interferes again, allowing Riot to roll up and grab tights, but Banks counters and locks in the Banks Statement. Tap, Tap Tap, and your winner, qualifying for Money in the Bank, Sasha Banks.


Banks joins Ember Moon, Alexa Bliss, Charlotte Flair, Natalya, Becky Lynch and Lana in the match.

It should be pretty good. The gauntlet match was nice, and gave a good swerve in beating Bayley early, not doing Banks and Bayley again. Also, nice avoiding the Riot Squad from ending up fighting for a spot after last weeks laugh at it. I think this could have been better, sub someone for Brooke and don’t start off immediately with a pin. But, we are so far from where women wrestling was, that any progress is good.


Finn Balor def. Braun Strowman via DQ

Jinder Mahal def. Seth Rollins via DQ, Rollins retains

Nia Jax def. Michelle Webb via KO (I guess it’s a match? Idk a ref was there but no bell rang)

Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt def. The Ascension

Kevin Owens def. Bobby Roode

Drew McIntyre w/ Dolph Ziggler def. Chad Gable

Sasha Banks def. Ruby Riot, Mickie James, Dana Brooke, Bayley, Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan

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