Why the cancellation of the 2020 London games is inevitable

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With the Coronavirus pandemic continuing across the world, this adds further doubt to the London games that were due to take place in the 2020 NFL season.

The Jacksonville Jaguars, Atlanta Falcons and Miami Dolphins were expected to be playing as the home teams this year.

However, sport looks likely not to have any fans for some time. Not only will there likely not be any fans for the NFL season in the states, this would definitely kill off any hopes of the NFL flying across the pond this year.

Dolphins fans will be upset not to see their team play but will hope that the same home teams will be present in the 2021 London Games.

The threat to the international series is also now seen to be a set back for the London franchise that everyone had down as being inevitable before this pandemic.

A season of sport without fans will eventually be something we are all used to but it would seem weird.

We saw it in the Champions League games what sport was like without fans. It was very strange and it was very easy to hear the players.

PSG beat Dortmund behind closed doors to progress into the next round of the Champions League, before the lockdown was announced.

Turning it back to the NFL, it leaves us wondering how coaches will be able to call plays if there is a chance that the opposition could hear them.

When the inevitable happens and the London games are cancelled for 2020, one thing it will do is make the 2021 London games extra special.

A fanbase that would have been starved of live NFL in the UK will be even more keen to purchase tickets and get to see the live action.

It will be even more of a carnival-esque atmosphere and it will be full of fanfare and genuine fan excitement.

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