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Where Trevor Lawrence Could End Up in 2021

Trevor Lawrence is seen as the next big NFL prospect after an impressive first two years at Clemson.

His 66 touchdown passes and just twelve interceptions in those two years along with a completion percentage of above 65% in both those seasons have made him the name on everyones lips when it comes to next years draft.

He is widely expected to be the one of the first three picks overall in the 2021 draft, depending on the needs of each of the top three teams.

There are plenty of teams that need quarterbacks in 2020 so there may not be a lot of teams that will need an upgrade, unless follow the example of Arizona and simply decide they cannot miss the opportunity.

Here are some teams that could be in the race for the Tennessee native.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars are in a real mess at the minute. They lost one of their best players in Calais Campbell to Baltimore and they are struggling to sell tickets.

They also have agreed to play two home games in London, which has divided opinion.

On the field, a team who was nicknamed Sacksonville after their brilliant 2017 season where they were one quarter away from the Super Bowl is now one of the less interesting teams to watch.

They brought in Nick Foles for huge money in the 2019 off season and after a year he has already left, departing for Chicago. Gardner Minshew is now their man guy but in my opinion he was just too inconsistent.

The 2020 season will see the true Minshew as more teams could find him out. If he struggled, as we saw with Nick Foles, Jacksonville will not be scared to get rid of him. With Doug Marrone’s future in doubt after a difficult last two seasons, a new head coach may not fancy Minshew and fancy taking Lawrence.

Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers have a new starting quarterback for the first time since 2005 as fan favourite Phillip Rivers departed for Indianapolis via free agency.

At time of writing, the new quarterback is unclear. Will they use former backup Tyrod Taylor or will they go for Cam Newton? Will they go for Oregan prospect Justin Herbert? If they go with Taylor and they struggle in 2020 and do worse than their 2019 5-11 record then they will want to get someone new in.

Whether they are able to get Lawrence through their position on the board or trade their way up to get him, they will want to find a way to sell tickets and not many are better than one of the most exciting college players in recent memory.

Washington Redskins

The Redskins are fresh off a 3-13 season, one which is likely to get them Chase Young. Young has the potential to elevate their defence in Nick Bosa fashion. However, I feel he will not be enough and they are likely to finish the 2020 season as of the worst teams.

Haskins has struggled so far in what has been a short lived NFL career and if the 2020 season has the same ending then Ron Rivera could pull the plug on Haskins being Washington’s starter, especially as he did not draft him.

Rivera could even go for Cam Newton this year, who he knows all too well when the pair reached Super Bowl 50 with Carolina.

Chicago Bears

Chicago fans are getting more and more impatient with Mitch Trubisky and perhaps the management are as well with the aforementioned signing of Nick Foles.

However, it is unclear as to whether Foles is there to be a back up, starter or someone to put pressure on Trubisky.

Trubisky is looking more and more like a massive draft bust, especially as they traded up to get him over Mahomes and Watson. Nick Foles does not look the same player outside of Philadelphia.

Neither of these are players that are at their best and another bad season will not be acceptable for a team with such a good defence.

Matt Nagy may decide that they want to go for Trevor Lawrence and as we saw with Trubisky in the 2017 draft, the Bears staff are not afraid to draft up to get their man.

The Bears’ Super Bowl window is getting smaller so they need to act fast if things go wrong.

Detroit Lions

The Lions have not won a play off game since the 1991 NFC Divisional Round and they have been in a state of mediocrity for many years.

Their 2009 first overall pick Matthew Stafford, whilst being a solid player, has failed to win a play off game on three attempts.

They need a fresh start and that needs to begin at Quarterback.

They have the third overall pick this year but there are rumours they will either trade away their third pick to either the Dolphins or Chargers or get cornerback Jeffrey Okudah from Ohio State in the draft.

The latter may be even more of a realistic prospect as they have now traded away cornerback Darius Slay to the Eagles.

Whether it be this year or next year, you can imagine that the Lions will get a new quarterback. If they get Lawrence, this is a player that can really help the team finally get that play off win.

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