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UFC: Tarantula Jalin Turner one to watch at 155lbs

The Tarantula Jalin Turner managed to get himself back in the win column at UFC fight night 168. Turner looked dominant in his victory over Joshua Culibao and his opponent never really looked in the fight – here is why Turner is one to watch at 155lbs.

Turners age

Jalin is only 24 years old; he is a baby in this sport yet he is already fighting at the highest level. He has been a pro since 2016 where he fought in World Series of Fighting, moving to Bellator in January 2017. He has got so many years ahead of him, to already be even fighting in the UFC is a testament to his ability.

Turner’s size

The Tarantula stands 6”3 which is insane for the lightweight division, he is literally taller than anyone in the top 15 of the lightweight division. If Jalin can learn to use that range and reach to his advantage then he can be a problem for anyone.

I am not sure what weight he walks around at but being that tall he must walk around at least 180lbs. Jalin’s physical advantages in this division is not something that I have seen since Anthony Johnson used to cut to welterweight.

Turner has attributes that I have not seen since Rumble Johnson used to cut to welterweight
Turner has attributes that I have not seen since Rumble Johnson used to cut to welterweight

Turners fight IQ

In Turner’s fight against Culibao he looked very cool, very measured. Turner listened to his corner and really just looked very good in every area. He was measured and composed and was very cerebral in his finish. He never went all out and expended unnecessary energy, he stayed cool and got the job done.

When you look at Turner’s combat credentials he does not appear to be out of the ordinary. Jalin wrestled at a high school level and doesn’t have any college wresting to his credit that I can find. Turner is also a purple belt in Brazilian Jujitsu, training at one of Carlson Gracie’s schools in Temecula California. However above all else when I see this guy fight I really do see something special brewing for the future.

Turner has won in spectacular fashion a great example was his TKO of Callan Potter
Turner has won in spectacular fashion a great example was his TKO of Callan Potter

Turner has already lost

With some notable exceptions such as Jon Jones and Khabib Nurmagomedov very few fighters are unbeaten. They say that you have to learn how to lose before you learn how to win and Jalin has certainly done that. He has had his share of losses but I believe for a young fighter this can be of benefit, the pressure of the undefeated streak is gone and you can focus on getting better.

Turner has won in spectacular fashion

The Tarantula has lost his share of fights but he has also won in spectacular fashion, look at his fight against Potter. Potter was actually very slick offering up many submission opportunities and Jalin was just too wise to get caught. He took his time and his striking looked great in particular the right hooks and kicks that ended the fight.

The Tarantula first got people’s attention on the Contender Series in July 2018 where he earned a doctor stoppage. While this was a doctor stoppage due to his opponent Mustaki sustaining a broken foot, Turner was clearly in control and was dominating that fight and was looking very good indeed.

Conclusion: Turner is certainly one to watch

Jalin is a very tough, young, physically gifted athlete. He is huge for the lightweight division, if he can continue to make that weight he will present issues for anyone. The Tarantula may not be a world-beater just yet, but he is most certainly a fighter to keep an eye on.

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