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The Boxing World prepares for Fury v Wilder II – what can we expect?

December 1st 2018, the fight fans around the world were treated to a clash between two titans of our generation. “Lineal champion” Tyson Fury fought the current WBC Heavyweight Champion of the World Deontay Wilder.

The two faced off at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Fury put on a near-perfect boxing display, bobbing and weaving, dancing around the ring, showing the same skills he used to dazzle Vitali Klitschko.

It looked as if he was cruising to an easy victory. However, the Bronze Bomber Deontay Wilder had other things in mind. Two knockdowns, one coming in the twelfth round, creating one of the most incredible last rounds of a world title fight of the last few decades.

Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder during their first bout

The result was a controversial draw. The majority of fight fans feel that Fury won the exchange, however, with the two Knockdowns it is understandable that a draw may be on the cards. This has resulted in a mouthwatering prospect come February 22nd 2020 where the rematch will take place. So what can we expect?

Fury has shown he has still got the skills to compete with the best. after two years out fo the ring, there was the fear that he would struggle to be able to hang in the same category as the elite of the division.

He may not have the physique, however, Fury proved that he is one fo the maybe even the most intelligent fighter in the division. he has shown some incredible skills and his training has shown that the discipline of being the heavyweight champion is still there.

Fury has been going through what could be seen as an American campaign. Following the Wilder fight, Fury competed in the ring against a young undefeated fighter Tom Schwarz on the 15th June 2019.

The fight can be seen as nothing less than a showcase of the Gypsy King. A dominant and powerful display resulted in a second-round TKO. Fury showed no signs of stopping. However, the cracks were shown.

A few months later on the 14th of September 2019, Fury then took on Swedish Fighter Otto Wallin. Fury won the fight by decision, however, it was far from a convincing performance. being cut heavily, Fury was struggling to offload the shots he did against Wilder.

He came through with the win, however, the sceptics were there. Not long after, Fury split with his trainer Ben Davison, the man who had helped him come back to the ring to go with a new trainer. This split has caused many to be worried about the upcoming bout against Wilder, some comparing Prince Naseem Hamed when he split from his former trainer Brendan Ingle leading to the former champions then fall from grace.

Fury is now being trained by Javan Sugarhill Steward, the nephew of the former legendary trainer Emanual Steward, who trained such legends as Lennox Lewis, Evander Holyfield and even Prince Naseem Hamed.

Prince Naseem Hamed

Deontay Wilder has in many ways had the same follow up since the first clash as Tyson Fury. He went onto face Dominic Breazeale in what was billed to being a test for Wilder. However, the test for Wilder was more of a demolition exhibition for the WBC champion.

Breazeale did hurt Wilder, however, with one giant punch from the incredible power Wilder has in his hands, the challenger was laid out cold. Wilder was once again shown to being the force of nature that he is and the power was the winning side to things.

However much like Fury, Wilder has also shown the cracks in his abilities. November the 23rd 2019, Wilder went onto have a second bout with the Cuban veteran Luis Ortiz. Wilder won the fight by Knock out, however, there was no hiding from the lack of boxing skill he has.

Ortiz was landing easy shots on Wilder and for much of the fight giving the champion a boxing lesson. The fight lasted seven rounds and for the majority of those rounds, Ortiz was dominant and looked to be on his way to becoming the new WBC champion. However once again, Wilders power was the saving grace.

So what can we expect from Fury v Wilder II

Fury will most likely go into the fight much the same as last time. Most of the focus will be on boxing skill and be on defencing fighting. Fury has been seen as one of the best technical boxers in the world, meaning he will not hesitate to display this once again.

The emphasis will most likely be on the defence, as he found out in the last fight, taking Wilders power can run the risk of resulting in a loss. Even though Fury was getting the best of the exchanges between the two of them, it took just one good shot from Wilder to put the Gypsy King on the canvas.

As for the Bronze Bomber Deontay Wilder, there has to be more boxing skill on display. He was seriously exposed in the last fight with Fury and showed a lack of skill. This was further emphasised against Ortiz. Therefore, Wilder has to show more of a boxing display and show some fight on the inside.

A more pressurised fight against Fury may be the key as Wilder is the slightly shorter fighter. Fury is looking to come in heavier than before, and Wilder will have to do more with his skill and speed, not with just a reliance on his power.

The second fight between these two warriors looks to be a very intriguing prospect. For all the fight fans out there we are in the best position. We get to see two fighters at the top of their game go against each other once again.

Fury stated he will knock Wilder out within two rounds, however, the Knock out specialist looks more to being Wilder. This may be another case where if it becomes a boxing match, Wilder has the edge. If it becomes a fight and ends in a knockout, then we can’t deny Wilder for the victory.

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