Monday, July 13, 2020

Why A Super Bowl Behind Closed Doors Is A Real Possibility

The sporting world continues to be halted with all sports expected to be behind closed doors. The NFL is no exception to that. There’s a serious chance that the Super Bowl could have to be played behind closed doors this year.

The London Games have already been moved back to America and games are all expected to be played behind closed doors.

The NFL announcement that brought an end to the 2020 NFL London Games.

It would be the strangest of Super Bowls if this were to happen. The half time show may be played in front of an empty crowd or even done virtually via their own home.

The game itself will feel very strange with no fans there to see the biggest US sporting event of the year.

The rules may have relaxed by the time Super Bowl 55 comes about and you could even see the Super Bowl be one the first sporting events with fans, which would be a real spectacle and something that would uplift the country.

However, it seems it’s more likely that the game will go ahead, just without anyone in attendance. That would be a real shame for Tampa Bay who are due to host the big one in February 2021.

The NFL Draft worked out well last month but the draft is a primarily phone based event whereas a live Super Bowl game or even just a regular NFL game just wouldn’t be the same without fans.

No fans is better than no games but there would be something anti-climatic about a Super Bowl without anyone there.

On the positive side it would be an event that would be talked about for years for the sheer odd nature of it.

This would be similar to the ‘Blackout Bowl’ for the Super Bowl game between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers where the lights went out mid game.

The Coronavirus pandemic continues to affect sport and shows no signs of going away.

In conclusion, the Super Bowl has a real chance of being played behind closed doors and whilst it will still be watched by millions, it is no secret that it would be a very strange watch.

Who would have thought we’d be talking about this when we saw Patrick Mahomes guide the Kansas City Chiefs to Super Bowl glory in their 31-20 win over the 49ers?

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The game would still attract worldwide audiences and would still be watched by millions, but it would nevertheless feel alot different to every other Super Bowl played in history.

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