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The hype on Patrick Mahomes varies a ton for people. Well there has to be some exaggerations, right? I mean sure there are some. However, with only one NFL game under center in his resume, the mystery is still up in the air!

The average person probably would say Patrick Mahomes will be around a QB 15 this season in Fantasy Football. I think that is a very realistic prediction. It wasn’t his actual statistics in that one game against the Broncos that shoots him that high up into the quarterback rankings though.

It was the amount of arm strength and athleticism that he displayed against the Broncos that helped show that he can become a franchise quarterback.

He finished his lone start in Week 17 against the Broncos with 284 passing yards, from going 22-for-35, and an interception. Along with that Patrick Mahomes carried the Chiefs to a 27–24 win over the Denver Broncos. His two minute drill at the end of the game allowed the Chiefs to kick the winning field goal to knock off the Broncos.

It was as if he had been playing in the NFL for years the way he propelled them to a last second victory. His performance isn’t one to take for granted. He did this versus one of the best defenses in the league. The Denver Broncos defense last season included names like Von Miller, Chris Harris Jr., and Aqib Talib. Talk about a hard team to have your NFL debut against.

So long story short, due to Mahome’s performance, the Chiefs had enough confidence in Mahomes to trade their starting veteran quarterback from last season in Alex Smith. Thanks to Alex Smith getting traded to the Washington Redskins, it opens up the door for Mahomes to become the starter in Kansas City.

Now he won’t just get to play one game this next season, he will get to hopefully play sixteen if he doesn’t get injured.

This scenario works out perfect for Patrick Mahomes. He inherited an offensive powerhouse. From rising rookie Kareem Hunt to speedster Tyreek Hill, the Chiefs have the weapons needed on offense.

Patrick Mahomes: Man of destiny


Now it is just up to Patrick Mahomes to use them! Mahomes should be able to easily adapt to their offense too as it fits his abilities. He has a super strong arm that can throw extremely far and fast. It was no wonder he made for such a talented baseball player.

Tyreek Hill, the Chiefs number one receiver will be able to chase down the deep, downfield balls that Mahomes throws his way. The Chiefs offensive line is also solid enough to protect Mahomes and give him time to find receivers going on deeper routes.

Not to mention, but Sammy Watkins is a deep zone threat too, as he can make catches down the field and is strong in that area.

The Chiefs’ defense isn’t the strongest either. Their defense ranked 29th in the league it came to passing yards allowed per game. They ended up allowing 247 yards on average per game. While this may not be to the benefit of the whole Chiefs’ team, this is to the benefit of Patrick Mahomes for oppurtunites and in Fantasy Football.

Since the Chiefs’ defense is looking similar to the way it looked last year, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they gave up a lot of points. This could also force the Chiefs to pass the ball more. This is due to the fact that they probably won’t be blowing teams out in as many games. They are looking like one of those defensive squads that is going to give up a lot of points. The best way to match that and score points faster is through the passing game.

Here is where Patrick Mahomes comes into play! He will potentially be placed in a scenario where he is going to pass the ball a lot in some games.

So overall as I close out this article, what is the point I am trying to get across the most you may ask?

There are mainly takeaways you can have from this short player profile on Patrick Mahomes, but the thing I want you guys to realize about Patrick Mahomes is that he is in a excellent situation to succeed in Kansas City with the chance to throw the ball a lot this season.

Another couple takeaways are that he has the cast around him to do well, has natural athleticism, and has the potential to be the franchise quarterback the Chiefs traded up to get at pick number ten in last year’s draft.

We truly don’t know what is to come of Patrick Mahomes, but one thing we know for sure is he could become something special. Which is why Patrick Mahomes deserves all the hype he can get!

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