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Mid-season QB Power Rankings

We have now reached the halfway point of the NFL season. 2019 has provided more ups and downs than a day at a theme park and more action than Baker Mayfield’s week 9 shaving Kit, and it’s time for us to unveil our mid-season QB Power Rankings.

As Lazy Fans resident Titan, I suppose I should address the situation. The early season woe of Marcus Mariota has come to an end, Tannehill is honestly playing some really nice ball. While I feel Tannehill may just be a stop-gap for the Titans, who will likely look to strengthen at the position in the 2020 draft, the desired spark has been provided. Call me a dreamer, but I feel a push for the playoffs coming.  

Anyway enough about the team who are the dictionary definition of mediocrity, let’s get into the QB power rankings top 10 for the season so far.

With the spotlight bright as ever, we take a look at the QB Power Rankings, the performances of the men under center and how they stack up against each other so far.

1. R. Wilson

Wilson is the front runner for the NFL’s midseason MVP and top of the QB Power Rankings. He’s the highest-rated passer executing at the top level. His ability to extend the play and give his WR time to get downfield is key, with Tyler Lockett and rookie DK Metcalf doing their bit to pump his numbers. We all know Wilson can run but it’s his decision making that it currently elevating the Seahawks to the top level.

2.      L. Jackson

This guy can play! Lamar Jackson is warping our perception of football right now, he continues to be the leading running quarterback with stats that stack up against a league RB1. It is no coincidence that people have stopped asking if Jackson can throw, he has proved the doubters wrong and in the process handed the Patriots their first defeat of the year, know who doesn’t love that!

3.      P. Mahomes

Exciting as ever, Mahomes continues to do things that we previously thought were impossible. On his return from injury, he was able to post up an impressive box score, 446 Yards passing with 3 touchdowns but this wasn’t enough to turn over the mighty Titans, and only secures the third spot in our QB Power Rankings.

4.      D. Watson

Houston QB Deshaun Watson has been outstanding so far this season, much like Jackson, he is having the best season of his young career. Watson holds a spot in the top 10 passer ratings and holds early-season records for his combination of passing TDs, rushing TDs, and 100+ passer rating games, joint with Jackson. Most interestingly Watson and Jackson match up in week 11 in what should be a great test for both men.

5.      D. Prescott

Dak was asked to lead the line again in week 10 after the Vikings D kept Elliot quiet and the call was answered. Passing for 397 yards and 3 TDs this was a continuation of the form we have come to expect from Dak who puts the cowboys in primed position for a late-season push.

6.      A. Rodgers

Is Rodgers back to his best after a few quiet seasons? AR12 is most definitely standing up and making plays and arguably putting the Packers back where they belong. Rodgers completed 17 of 29 pass attempts for 233 yards last time out against the Panthers however the conditions played a massive part and the run game dominated. This should be no reflection of his performance on the year. AR12 is back. The Packers are back. Watch this space.

7.      M. Stafford

Coach Matt Patricia confirmed that his main man won’t be ready to play in Week 11 and it may even be a stretch to say that he will be back by week 12 but for me Stafford has done enough so far this season to earn a spot on this list, he has made the lions exciting to watch and anyone who can do that deserves a place on my list! I hope Stafford will return to the game soon as his arm strength poses a tough test for any Defence.

8.      K. Cousins

Cousins was constantly under pressure by the Cowboys pass rush every time he dropped back to pass. For this reason, it wasn’t the best performance averaging 6.9 yards per attempt in week 10. Cousins has however impressed more often than not throughout the early season and retains his place on the list. At least for this week.

9.      J. Garoppolo

Garoppolo did lead the Niners to points on their first two drives of the week but his performance as a whole was not as pretty as we have come to expect. Missing Kittle from the start would not help any QB. The Niners WR group did not help their QB this week dropping several short passes with one leading to an interception. Jimmy G gets his place on the list mainly for his leadership and the way he can read a defense. he needs to bounce back if San Francisco are going to keep up the blistering start.

10. D. Carr

Rounding out our QB Power rankings is Derek Carr. Currently ranked #3 of 42 in pass location outside the tackle box this season. Going 21-29 for 3 TDs in week 10 gives him a passer rating of 128.5. Well worthy of a spot on my list Carr has dragged the raiders into contention as we start the run-in.

Let us know in the comments below where you stand on our list, and who should be higher or lower in our QB Power Rankings.

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