Saturday, June 12, 2021

Kansas City Chiefs: Can They Repeat?

Kansas City Chiefs face the Houston Texans tonight to kick off the NFL season. The Super Bowl champions will be up against one of the best quarterbacks in the league in Texans quarterbacks Deshaun Watson.

Kansas City Chiefs fans waited 50 years to win another Super Bowl after winning Super Bowl 4 and with generational quarterback Patrick Mahomes under centre, they are not expected to wait another fifty years for another Super Bowl win.

However, Kansas City have a task on their hands to become the first team since the New England Patriots in 2005 to win back to back Super Bowls.

If there is one team to retain their Super Bowl crown, it would be the Kansas City Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes has already broken the Madden curse so he is the man to break the recent run of teams not retaining a Super Bowl.

This will be helped with the fact that the Kansas City Chiefs did not lose many in the off season. Many Super Bowl teams ,whether they lose or win the Lombard trophy, often have many of their star players leave. However, Kansas City have returned 20 starters from that Super Bowl 54 winning side.

Kansas City have all the personnel in their team to go once again. In the ‘legion of zoom’, they have some of the fastest players in the NFL at their disposal in Tyreek Hill, Demarcus Robinson, Sammy Watkins, Mecole Hardman and Byron Pringle.

With the speed of their wideouts as well as one of the league’s best tight ends in Travis Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs know no limit when it comes to offensive options.

Kansas City Chiefs have a good shot at repeating

They also showed in the play offs their ability to come from behind. They were behind in every play off game, beating the Houston Texans, Tenesee Titans and San Francisco 49ers after being behind by 10 points in all three games.

The question does elude Kansas as to whether they can go again. It is no coincidence that the last time a team has retained a Super Bowl is 2005.

It is about mentality often more than ability when it comes to sport. It is also seen in the Premier League where teams who have won the league the previous year find it hard to have the hunger to win it again.

Can head coach Andy Reid get his team to once again reach the Super Bowl and win it?

It should not be forgotten that Kansas did find some fortune in the 2019 season.

They were given a massive helping hand by the Miami Dolphins beating the New England Patriots in week 17, which allowed Kansas to move from number three seed to the number two seed and the first week bye in the play offs.

The percentage of second seeds to reach the Super Bowl is 27.6% but the percentage of third seeds to reach the Super Bowl is 3.4%. This goes to show how key it was that Kansas made the playoffs as a second seed.

They were also fortunate to come up against the inept coaching of Houston Texans head coach Bill O’Brien, who made some questionable calls during the divisional round matchup.

The Texans initially kept their offense out for a fourth down when 21-0 up before O’Brien called a timeout and settling for a field goal to go 24-0 up. The Texans head coach also tried to be more aggressive later on but the fake punt on fourth down did not make the yards.

However, despite this the Kansas City Chiefs still managed to score seven straight touchdowns unanswered. They also managed to go from being 20-10 down to the San Francisco 49ers with under 7 minutes left of the fourth quarter to winning the fame 31-20. This goes to show the ability the team has and how exciting a team they are.

Frank Clark, Chris Jones and Tyrann Mathieu are some of the league’s best defensive players and the acquisitions of Clark and Mathieu in the 2019 off season certainly transformed the team’s defence, which was seen as many as their downfall in 2018.

The Kansas City Chiefs have everything they could hope for in terms of talent on both sides of the ball and whilst they could fall into the trap alot of Super Bowl winners, i would be very surprised if they are not facing the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship this season.

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