Thursday, April 18, 2024

JMX brutalises Wojtek Gola – FAME MMA UK

The fight between JMX and Wojtek Gola at FAME MMA UK went almost exactly as everyone expected it to, given the huge differences in both weight and height between the two men.

Wojtek Gola is the promoter for FAME MMA Poland and stepped in on short notice to take on JMX, a man who stands at 6’5″ and weighed in 40kg heavier. It was a brave decision but never one that people expected to be competitive. It was obvious from the outset that it was just a matter of time in this fight, as JMX opened up by landing some heavy shots on Gola, while the Pole was attempting a takedown.

Just seconds after the initial heavy shots, JMX would land a huge body kick that sent Gola sprawling which was immediately followed up by a clinch, pushing Gola against the cage and landing some brutal knees to the body, including one that landed on his opponents shin, causing a deep cut.

The knees in the clinch from JMX certainly caused some damage, however they were risky as they weren’t massively accurate, a number of them landing on Gola’s legs, running the risk of clashing knees and causing some serious damage to himself as well as his opponent. JMX would take Gola down with neat outside trip, spending some time in half guard and landing some shots, before the end of the round.

JMX dominates

At the end of the round images of Gola’s wife were shown on the PPV and on the screens in the arena, worry evident on her face, watching her husband on the receiving end of a beatdown.

At the start of the second round JMX would attempt a spinning backfist (which seemed to be a recurring theme throughout the night), which would unfortunately be followed up by a kick landing below the belt, leading to a timeout to give Gola some time to recover.

Once the fight resumed, it didn’t last too much longer. JMX would land a huge shot that rocked Gola, immediately following up with some heavy body shots and a second bomb that would send Gola to the floor, some brutal ground and pound followed, probably for a little too long, before the ref finally stepped in and put and end to the fight.

JMX would say after the fight that he wants to compete inside the cage again, looking to improve his combat sport record to 4-0 (2 amateur boxing wins and hoping to move to 2 MMA wins). Gola would go on to state that it could be difficult to find opponents for JMX due to his size, especially when compared to the celebrities that FAME generally tend to target, before going on to call out a surprise name.

It’s a shame that JMX can’t seem to find an opponent that can match him in size or weight, as each of his fights so far haven’t proved to be a true test of his abilities, nearly always having a significant size or weight advantage. Hopefully next time out he can find an opponent better suited to him, or maybe FAME UK can establish some weight classes.

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