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Harvey smokes Dapper Laughs – FAME MMA UK

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Adam Nisbet
Adam Nisbet
Living on the emotional rollercoaster that comes with being a Newcastle United fan, Adam also keeps a keen eye on the NBA, UFC and Formula One.

This was one of the more hyped fights coming into the event, Dapper Laughs taking on Harvey. Two guys that are friends outside of the cage, stepping into the right to beat each other up. As I mentioned in my press conference takeaways this was one of the few fights on the card that felt as though it had a real big fight feel about it and that’s exactly how it felt in the arena on the night.

As the two men were making their way to the cage there was a tension in the air, fans knew that we were about to have a scrap on our hands. Two men that, while they liked each other, were hell bent on hurting each other for the next nine minutes. It was obvious that both men had trained for the fight, with it being announced that Dapper had lost 10lbs coming into the bout.

At the beginning of the first round the fight started with a slow and methodical pace before Dapper would attempt an early takedown. From there, Harvey would attempt a few submissions off his back, almost catching Dapper in a guillotine, before sweeping the position and getting into full mount.

Dapper Laughs done quickly


From mount Harvey was able to land some brutal ground and pound, raining down fists onto Dapper who was unable to get himself out of the position, covering up with his arms before the referee would step in and call end end to the fight, with Harvey being announced as the winner via TKO in the first round.

After the fight both men would show a huge amount of respect, as they said they would going into the fight, sharing a hug with Harvey telling Dapper that he loved him. Dapper would repeat the same message during his post fight interview. Harvey would call out fighters from Poland, saying he’d love to take one of them on in his next bout. Meanwhile, Dapper would reply “I’m not going to Poland, I’m going to the pub.”

It was a shame to see the fight end so early, as we all had hopes that the bout would be one of the most competitive on the card, but it was still one of the more exciting moments of the night.

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