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Todd Gurley, in common with many people in the USA, went public on his struggles to receive payment of monies due to him from his stint at the LA Rams.

It’s not uncommon for players to decide to go public on beefs with their former employers. What’s more interesting this time is that it’s not just one player.

Gurley: Send me money!

It all kicked off with Gurley, in a show of frustration, tweeting the following:

Of course, it’s always a chance to dig out a box of popcorn and watch the ensuing media melee unfold.

Almost inevitably, the plot deepened, and quickly!

In a stunning development, Clay Matthews replied, saying that that Rams also owe him money.

There has been much coverage of this spat from both players.

Matthews later confirmed this state of affairs on his own twitter account also.

According to NFL Network, Gurley’s one-year contract with the Falcons includes a $2 million signing bonus, $3.5 million fully guaranteed base salary and $500,000 in incentives. Matthews remains a free agent.

While it’s true that Gurley wasn’t included in the 2010s all decade team, he’s still been a force to be reckoned with, and bad knee permitting, he should continue to be. It seems like the Rams are holding out paying him – but will likely end up having to shell out some hard cash in the end!

It’s not as though Todd will lose out – he signed a sweet deal with Atlanta worth 6 million dollars this season, so he’s not short of money.

Matthews’ situation is a little more unclear. He is an unrestricted free agent, but signing with teams using the usual work out and visit process is being severely restricted by Coronavirus right now.

It’s in little doubt that he’ll find a home, just merely a matter of time. However – maybe his need to be paid is little more acute! Let’s watch developments closely…

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