Sunday, December 5, 2021

Georgia Harrison with controversial at FAME MMA UK

Well this was uh… one of the more unique fights I’ve ever seen. Many people weren’t entirely sure what to expect going into this one, Georgia Harrison is known for her wild, party girl lifestyle and Ashley Marie is known for her YouTube gaming channel. However it became clear once the pair stepped into the cage that they had both trained for this fight, unlike my assumption from their press conference.

Georgia came out to a huge reception from the crowd, making her way to the ring to ‘Hey Baby’, with the entire crowd singing along. It was obvious that she had brought a small army along with her to the event as her friends and family could be heard above everyone else, starting the crowd off singing their girl’s name.

While both women had definitely trained for the fight, the quality of the battle was… questionable. The punches that were being thrown were less like punches and more like they were pawing at each other, with Harrison often deploying some kind of weird double handed push. It’s difficult to articulate just how bizarre this fight was.

Harrison gets the win

There were a number of occasions on which Harrison landed shots to the back of her opponents head, at one point she delivered four or five direct punches to the back of the head in a row, without the referee giving a single warning. It was a recurring theme through the first and second rounds, along with Harrison holding onto Ashley Marie’s shirt, for which she was eventually deducted a point midway through the second round.

One of the highlights of the fight was Georgia’s spinning backhand, which took the crowd by surprise the first time she attempted it, just barely catching her opponent with it. The second time around it landed flush but didn’t seem to do as much damage as she was hoping.

Personally I had scored the fight to work out as a draw. With Harrison taking the first, Ashley Marie taking the second (10-8 with the deduction) and Harrison taking the final round. However the judges awarded a majority decision… which later became evident it was actually a unanimous decision. I have literally no idea how the fight could have possibly been scored that way, but I’m not an official judge…

It was a victory that got the crowd in a good mood and provided a bit of a bounce in the arena, however with the multiple blows to the back of the head that went by without recourse, it’s difficult to say that it was an entirely deserved win.

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Adam Nisbet
Living on the emotional rollercoaster that comes with being a Newcastle United fan, Adam also keeps a keen eye on the NBA, UFC and Formula One.

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