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UPDATED: FAME UK – Everything you need to know

This weekend, FAME MMA’s UK division will hit the north east as stars such as Stephen Bear, Dapper Laughs, Sam Gowland and Marty McKenna fight for glory at the Utilita Arena in Newcastle. So, in preparation for the event, here’s some vital information you need to know ahead of the big night.

The Fights

Dawid Malczynski vs Adrian Polak

Originally, the main event for this FAME card was billed to be a clash of reality television stars as former ‘Geordie Shore’ star ‘Scotty T’ and former ‘Big Brother’ winner Stevie Bear. However, earlier in the week, Bear announced on his Instagram that his opponent had pulled out of the fight at short notice.

So now, the fight has been replaced by a rematch of a bout from FAME MMA 2 over in Poland. Dawid Malczynski and Adrian Polak will go up against each other for the second time, with Malczynski having won the first fight between the pair. The Polish star wrote on the FAME MMA UK Instagram post:

“First of all, I apologise to the English fans because Scotty pulled out, and Bear s**t his pants, and because of that, me and @adrianpolak have to fight instead of them. But we promise, this will be the best fight at the event.” Given that these two are used to this now, I’m inclined to agree with that statement – it could be a real battle.

His opponent, Polak, has also been speaking on the fight. “Hey Guys, as you probably know, I took a fight on with FAME MMA UK in Newcastle,” he wrote. “For the last six months I haven’t trained almost anything, and the fight is in only four days. However, I’m not looking for excuses, I consider it a beautiful spontaneity, and this style lives all the time. I hope the viewers out there will appreciate this courage or already madness. I have nothing against my rival as well as he with me. @DawidMalczynski, let’s do our best bull.”

Ally Law vs Joe Henderson

This is another fight that has changed since the original billing, as Ally Law was initially due to fight Harry ‘Nightscape’ Gallagher. The new opponent for Law is Joe Henderson, another YouTube star. Henderson, who is known for his Parkour based YouTube videos, made a bit of a fool of himself in the FAME UK press conference last Sunday when he declared he would “have him [Law] out in the fourth round”, despite there only being three rounds to the fight.

The whole build up to these two fighting each other has been slightly silly to be honest – throwing stuff at each other during press conferences, weak insults and a clear lack of preparation. I mean, how can you be involved in an MMA fight and less than a week before the fight still not know how many rounds you’re fighting? Slightly embarrassing…

Either way, this one is being billed as a “Clash of the Daredevil YouTubers” and should be an interesting bout – it’s the co-main event of the evening.

Sam Gowland vs Marty McKenna

These two are a pair of former ‘Geordie Shore’ stars who are planning to settle a “grudge” when they face off on Saturday evening. There is a legitimate feud between the pair and during the press conference on Sunday, which McKenna didn’t turn up to, Gowland expressed his confidence at beating his opponent.

Gowland talked about how MMA is something he plans on pursuing on a “long-term basis” and that he isn’t just in this for the one fight. He believes that fact alone is the reason why he won’t just beat McKenna, but his former co-star won’t make it out of the first minute of the fight.

As my colleague Adam wrote yesterday, it seems unlikely there’ll be a lot of technique and skill to this bout. It’s just going to be a brawl between two people intent on hurting one another.

Dapper Laughs vs Harvey

Social media star and podcaster, Dapper Laughs, faces off against rapper and former member of the So Solid Crew, MC Harvey for what looks set to be the best of all the fights on the card.

These two seemed to have trained, they look to be ready and they look set to put on a show for the fans in attendance at the Utilita Arena. Dapper’s talking up his ability in his press conferences, while Harvey just wants to let his fists do the talking for him – either way, we’re set for a damn good match in this one.

Other fights

  • Joel JMX vs Wojtek Gola – YouTube and Gamer takes on Polish star
  • Callum Markie vs Casey Barker – Another YouTube battle
  • Ashley Marie vs Georgia Harrison – YouTube vs Love Island
  • Andrew Henderson vs Mike Fox – Freestyle footballer takes on YouTube funnyman

Fight Night Details

FAME MMA UK will take place on Saturday evening at the Utilita Arena in Newcastle, England. Doors open at 6:30pm on the night and you can still purchase tickets – prices start at £33.75 plus a facilities fee of £1.35 per ticket plus a booking fee. You can purchase your ticket here.

The show itself will get underway at about 8pm and is due to finish at around 11:45. So, if you are going, aim to arrive early and be prepared to be going home late on – traffic will likely be heavy too so try and use public transport if possible.

Alternatively, if you can’t make it to the north east this weekend, FAME are offering a pay-per-view package for just £5. You pay via Paypal and will be able to watch the whole event from start to finish.

The event will be hosted by DJ Charlie Sloth – it should be a great night for all involved and we personally can’t wait for it. See you all there.

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