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FAME MMA UK – Weigh in roundup

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Kieran Harm
Kieran Harm
Kieran hails from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and holds a degree in Sports Journalism from the University of Brighton. He covers a range of sports, specialising in football and NFL. Kieran is a long-suffering member of the Toon Army as well as a very proud member of Broncos Country.

Ahead of fight night tonight, FAME MMA held their weigh-in at the Jury’s Inn in Newcastle yesterday – all of the fighters turned up, stepped up on the scales and expressed their confidence. However, the weigh in itself seemed a little pointless – given there were no weight classes set out – some of the differences in weights are just ridiculous.

Marty McKenna vs Sam Gowland – FAME Main Event

Sam Gowland – 74.3kg

As the picture shows, Sam has clearly been training and looks to be in good shape for the fight tonight. He says he’s looking to pursue MMA more following the fight, so it’s no surprise that he’s taken his training seriously. Sam looks the clear favourite for this fight – and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him get Marty out of there pretty quickly.

Marty McKenna – 80kg

Weighing in at almost 7kgs heavier than his opponent, it seems evident that Marty hasn’t taken training as seriously as Sam. He doesn’t look as clean cut as Sam, he doesn’t look as fit and he doesn’t look anywhere near as committed as Sam. It’ll be interesting to see if he can use his added weight to his advantage and beat him with sheer power – but he certainly doesn’t look like he’s going to have the stamina if it goes the full three rounds.

Joel JMX vs Wojtek Gola – Co-main event

Joel JMX – 92.8kg

Joel JMX has weighed in for this one at a whopping 92.8kg, the same weight you’d expect a UFC light-heavyweight to come in at. From the picture, he looks very fit, he looks very healthy and he looks very ready to fight. This one has every chance of being a damn good bout.

Wojtek Gola – 79.9kg

This one had me stunned when I saw the weight he’s come in at, 13kg lighter than his opponent. That is absolutely ludicrous – it’s the equivalent to the likes of Jon Jones fighting Colby Covington or Tyron Woodley. Really, it’s quite silly that they haven’t given maximum weights for these fights, but hey ho – it’s only celebs fighting at the end of the day.

FAME mma

Adrian Polak vs David Malczynski

Adrian Polak – 75kg

Adrian Polak is an experienced FAME MMA fighter having fought in the Polish version of the event. He and his opponent, Dawid Malczynski, have fought in the past with Malczynski coming out on top. Also have to give him immense respect for stepping up to fight on just a few days notice.

Dawid Malczynski – 77kg

Dawid Malczynski was originally approached to be the replacement for Scotty T in the main event, but that ended up going awry when, in the words of the Pole, Stevie Bear “bottled it”. As mentioned above, he won the previous fight with Polak over in Poland, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens in the rematch tonight.

Other fights

Harvey vs Dapper Laughs

Harvey: 76.4kg

Dapper: 81.8kg

This fight was always going to be one of the better fights on the card with both fighters looking like they’ve trained hard. There’s quite a substantial weight difference, but it’ll be interesting to see how they get on.

Georgia Harrison vs Ashley Marie

Georgia: 58.4kg

Ashley: 62.8kg

The only female fight on the FAME card sees Love Islander face off against YouTuber. Ashley is the bigger and stronger fighter of the pair, so it’ll be up to Georgia to use her smaller frame to try and be more nimble and agile in the octagon. An interesting fight beckons…

Ally Law vs Joe Henderson

Ally: 68.4kg

Hendo: 76.4kg

Ally Law and Joe Henderson is an intriguing bout for numerous reasons – not least that Henderson was a late step-in and doesn’t know how many rounds he’s fighting. The pair are both known for their daredevil YouTube videos – so both will be fit and raring to go – but I wouldn’t expect a technical masterclass here.

Mike Fox vs Andrew Henderson

Fox: 86.2kg

Henderson: 82.9kg

The social media accounts for FAME UK tweeted the pics of these two weighing in, but didn’t actually say what they came in at so I had to go back through the video of the weigh-in to find it… indicative of just how well prepared they’ve been for this event to be honest.

Casey Barker vs Callum Markie

Barker: 80kg

Markie: 73kg

Another big weight difference here but this one should be an interesting bout – again, it’ll be dependent on how well the bigger guy can react to the speed and agility of the smaller guy.

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