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FAME MMA UK – Five key press conference takeaways

With the final FAME MMA UK press conference out of the way and the focus now moving further towards this weekend and the fights, we thought we would pick out five key moments to keep you up to date with the biggest moments of yesterday’s presser.

Number Five – Joe Henderson doesn’t know how many rounds he’s fighting

In what was one of the more comical and embarrassing moments of the final press conference, late replacement Joe Henderson was asked by Charlie Sloth for a fight prediction, to which Henderson replied “I think I’m gonna have him in the fourth round”.

There are only three rounds in this fight.

It was one of many slightly embarrassing and cringe moments from Henderson, but you can read more about the exchanges the pair had in our review here.

Number Four – Mike Fox hasn’t been training as hard as he needs to, Andrew Henderson has been training far harder.

Mike Foxhas a small degree of experience in combat sports, being one of few to compete on one of the previous YouTube boxing events, albeit in a losing effort against JMX – a man far heavier and taller than Fox. The comedian admitted during the Fame MMA presser that he hadn’t been sticking to a strict training regiment, explaining that the care of his five month old child has taken precedence and means he isn’t training as much as some of the other fighters. He also noted that he is currently trying to shed weight in order to make the weight limit, feeling like being the heavier fighter is going to give him the advantage.

When asked about his training regimen, Henderson mentioned that he has been training with former title contender Nathan Jones, who has fought in both Bellator and Cage Warriors. He has also been fighting with Brad Pickett, a former UFC veteran. It certainly seems as though he has taken this far more seriously than Fox, who is currently training four days a week and seems to be relying on coming in as the heavier fighter.

FAME MMA press conference was a bit special

Number Three – Georgia Harrison seems to have focused more on fitness than fighting

Throughout her time in the press conference, the Love Island and TOWIE star frequently talked about how hard she has been training for this fight. How she has been training harder than she ever thought possible, wanting to train harder than her opponent, but in the exchanges between the pair she seemed to be referring more about getting into shape for the fight and being physically fit rather than shaping her fighting skills.

Her opponent Ashley Marie discussed how she has been focusing on learning a range of different techniques and even went as far as to admit that she has focused less on striking and more on cage work, meaning we could be seeing her looking to take this fight to the ground and work off of the top.

It’s hard to tell if Georgia’s frequent references to going drinking after the fight or missing the party lifestyle were just purely jokes or if they were fairly serious. But it’s a slight concern that maybe she hasn’t taken this fight as seriously as she should have and we may be in for a bit of a cringe fest come fight night.

Number Two – Dapper taking on Harvey could be one hell of a scrap

Harvey often related back to his upbringing in South London, mentioning that he had been in plenty of scraps growing up and this would be nothing new to him. Dapper often said that he’s going into this fight preparing for a scrap, that he’s ready for a ‘proper tear up’ and wants to test his opponents chin.

Both men seem to have trained hard, seem to be in shape and seem to be stepping into the cage this weekend with an intent to knock each other out. While Dapper is talking his game, Harvey looks entirely set on doing his talking in the cage, I think this one could be one of the more brutal fights on the card. There’s certainly an underlying respect between these two guys, and it’ll make on hell of a fight for FAME MMA.

Number One – Sam Gowland is extremely confident going into his fight with Marty McKenna

Despite the fact that Marty McKenna didn’t show up to the press conference yesterday, this is the fight that had the most hype built during the presser. There seems to be a legitimate feud between the two Geordie Shore stars and Gowland was extremely confident that the fight wouldn’t even make it out of the first minute of the first round, let alone predicting that it wouldn’t make it past the opening stanza in general.

Gowland was also very vocal about his hopes to continue fighting under the FAME MMA banner into next year once this fight is out of the way, stating that this is something he wishes to pursue long term and he isn’t just in this for one fight. That is what Gowland things is going to be they key difference between the two men.

I think this one will be an absolute slugfest, I don’t think we’ll see a huge amount of technique, I think we’re going to see two men stepping into the cage who have a legitimate dislike for each other and are just aiming to put each other through as much pain as possible.

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