Tuesday, June 25, 2024

FAME MMA UK – Ally Law vs Joe Henderson

This Saturday we see the first ever FAME MMA UK event, hosted at the Utilita Arena in Newcastle. Yesterday saw the fighters face off for the final time in the second press conference, which we’ll be breaking down and reviewing fight by fight throughout the week. First up is the co-main event, which sees two YouTuber’s square off. Ally Law taking on Joe Henderson.

In true MMA fashion this bout sees a late replacement fighter stepping in following an ‘injury’ to Nightscape, Ally Law’s original opponent. Joe Henderson took this fight on just eight days notice, but had plenty to say in the Face to Face, going as far as throwing a glass of water into Ally’s face.

Things started off a little more tame at the final press conference, with Hendo seemingly backing down from his previous statements, backracking on the hate that he had been throwing out during the face to face. When asked by host Charlie Sloth why he holds so much animosity towards Ally Law, Hendo said “I feel like I’ve been dishonest with you Ally, I’m not a hateful person, I’m not. I’ve got my shirt on, it’s me looking happy, to remind myself to be happy.”

Things seemed to continue in a fairly relaxed vein… until Ally got on the mic. First off Ally rebuked the notion that he was scared to take the fight, pointing to the fact that his original opponent was both taller and heavier than Hendo. He acknowledged that he has “mad respect” for his new opponent stepping in and taking the fight on short notice, before going on to say “I’m still going to bang you in the cage.”

Ally Law lets go

Hendo didn’t take long to fire back, dropping the nice guy act and cutting over the top of Ally to say “Yeah 100% I don’t think you were scared to take the fight, I think you’ve made a mistake taking it, I’m gonna fuck you up in that cage and that’s it… fucking prick.” As Charlie Sloth was calling out the parkour YouTuber for seemingly have a split personality, he decided to throw a cardboard nameplate towards Ally, in his second rather petulant display since taking the bout.

What came next was quite comfortably the greatest exchange of the entire press conference, as Charlie Sloth would ask Hendo for his pre fight prediction. This was the response given: “I reckon I’m gonna have him in the fourth round.”

Everyone was very quick to point out that the fight only has three rounds, with Ally Law getting the crowd laughing saying “Who the fuck… Where did you get him from?! How can you even get him involved in this!?”

I’ll leave the clip below for you to watch.

The two men then faced off, with more pettiness from Hendo, kissing Ally before nudging the back of his head as they parted ways. It’ll be interesting to see if this all comes back to haunt him after the fight on December 14th. He did, however, sum up quite nicely why this fight has potential to be interesting.

“I think the reason this fight is going to be interesting isn’t because we hate each other, it’s because there’s two unique minds. One over here (referring to Ally) that fuckin’ bounces on crumbling structures, skydives, his parachute fails and he doesn’t bat an eyelid. There’s a mind here (referring to himself) that jumps across rooftops for fun and is psyhopathic enough to take a cage fight on a weeks notice.”

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