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Tony Bellew Batters David Haye

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Jordan Lombard
Jordan Lombard
Living and breathing the Denver Broncos, Boise State and the Colorado Buffs. Jordan is a former Sports Entrepreneur and content creator. In the editorial world, Jordan has won plaudits from Superbowl winner Byron Chamberlain & Bryan Harsin. In recent years Jordan has worked with the likes of Real Sport, FNV, Business Insider and Forbes.
David Haye’s illustrious career that’s spanned more than a decade of dominance appears to have come to an end on Saturday night. In a somewhat electric atmosphere at the O2 arena where Haye took on Tony Bellew once again in a rematch from March 2017, and once again the result was identical with Bellew stopping the two-weight championship winning Hayemaker in the 5th round when he knocked Haye down for the 3rd time.

Repeat vs Revenge

Coming out this fight was billed as a ‘repeat or revenge’ type scenario. For David Haye, it was about getting some revenge after a humiliating defeat in March last year. For Haye, he simply had to win.

Bellew on the overhand was focused on showing the world he doesn’t do fluke victories.

How it Happened

The big moment happened in the 5th round, 2 minutes and 14 seconds in. David Haye’s body doesn’t seem to be up to the task anymore despite his mental commitment to the sport.

The referee on the night, Howard Foster, was tasked with the judgment call of stopping the fight in one of the most dramatic rounds in British Boxing’s recent history. Already coming off of being dropped twice in the 3rd round, Haye was also left face-down at one point after a beautiful left hook from the Creed star Tony Bellew.

After the fight, an emotional Bellew went on to say “I just want to say I lost my brother-in-law in August and I swear to God he was watching me and he was there with me tonight for every punch. Ashley, that was for you. I miss him so much. I’m broke…All week I’ve been on my own in the hotel and each night I’ve cried, I’m a bit emotional, all I can think about is him,” he added tearfully.

This was clearly about more than just a boxing bout for the 35-year-old from Liverpool.
Bellew also went on to say, when talking about the fight itself that “David Haye is an amazing fighter, he just got caught in a slugfest. He’s a great fighter, he has got crazy power but speed and power always decrease. He is a legend, a credit to the sport and I’m just happy I’ve got the win against the odds…It’s been a great journey. Who’s next? I don’t know. I am a walking Super Series. Every fight I’m in is a Super Series.”

David Haye has had an Illustrious Career

Haye’s post-fight words included: “Tony boxed a great fight. He did some really clever stuff. He boxed really good. I didn’t, plain and simple. He had a great game plan and I had no answer… I enjoyed the battle as tough as it was. We were going for the knockout and we gave you fireworks and I’m glad we gave everyone a good fight and a good night but the better man won on the night, Tony Bellew, so congratulations to him.”

The David Haye we know as a silver medalist (2001 World Championships), the fighter we saw destroy Alexander Goruv in less than 60 seconds in 2005 which lead to a successful cruiserweight title victory in 2007 against Jean-Marc Mormeck and then a unification of those same belts in 2008 in a bought vs Enzo Maccarinelli. – That David Haye is, unfortunately, a shadow of his former self.

Some of Bellew’s critics will put Haye’s ring rust down to his loss, fighting only 4 times since 2012. However, the tenacious nature of Bellew is what won him this fight, make no mistake.

In their first encounter in March 2017, David Hate ruptured his Achilles Tendon in round 6 of the fight, many felt that Haye beat himself with the injury and if both were fully fit it would be a no contest for the 38-year-old. This time, however, Bellew did exactly what he said, wanted and needed to do, a beautifully inspired performance made Haye look as amateurish as he has in over a decade.

Coming into the fight many Bellew fans felt that the catalogue of injuries and the lack of in-ring experience since 2012 it would be a fight too far for the Hayemaker. And those people were correct. Haye’s body is finally showing all the signs of age in his 38th year.

 Pre-fight Haye had planned to do his “talking in the ring”, no smack talk, no trash talking, Haye was just going to walk the walk and show his prowess. A decision likely made as a result of the defeat in March 2017 and his outspoken nature prior to that fight.

May 5th, however, was all about Tony Bellew. His sharpness, game planning, and speed left Haye gasping for his breathe after only 2 rounds. Let me say that again David Haye looked gassed after 2 rounds!

I think we’ve seen Haye’s last fight play out, He wasn’t given a fairytale send-off by any means but David Haye will go down as one of the best fighters in recent British boxing history.

Enjoy retirement David Haye.

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