Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Henderson embarrasses Mike Fox – FAME MMA UK

Well this was a quick one. Coming into the fight it was clear that one man was in better shape than the other, Henderson is a freestyle football champion which keeps him in good shape year round, however given the training that he had put into this fight, it is no surprise things worked out the way they did.

Mike Fox held his hands up before the fight and said that he hadn’t spent all day every day training, that he had put his young child and new home before the fight, which is entirely understandable. The major downside to both of these facts is we all knew it wasn’t going to be a competitive fight.

It wasn’t the first time that we had seen Fox step into a fight without preparing as much as he could have, it was the same story before his fight against JMX. Though it turns out he actually trained less for that fight than he did for this one. In that fight he did manage to put in a solid performance, managing to survive longer than many expected before the ref would finally step in to stop it.

Henderson batters Fox

Henderson wins

It wasn’t the same story this time around. Fox managed to survive roughly 40 seconds before the referee called the contest off, quite arguably it could have been over earlier than that, as the ref let things go a little longer than he should have.

Henderson came out of the gate fast, heading straight at Fox and picking him up, slamming him into the mat. It was a very impressive takedown and from that point the fight was over. Once Fox was on the ground Henderson managed to work his way into full mount, slamming some heavy hammer fists onto his opponent.

Once the fight was over Mike Fox would go on to say that he would like to step back into the cage again, taking on a more evenly matched opponent and putting more effort into his training camp. He would actually call out Adam Johnson… of all people. Something tells me, we won’t be seeing that fight anytime soon.

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Adam Nisbet
Living on the emotional rollercoaster that comes with being a Newcastle United fan, Adam also keeps a keen eye on the NBA, UFC and Formula One.

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