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Jarrell Miller is not a legitimate challenger for AJ

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Jarrell Miller has been jabbing at AJ for a couple of years now but I’m a little disappointed that AJ feels the need to waste his and viewers time with this ‘fight’.

Miller has fired the worst insults I’ve ever seen at AJ, calling him a ‘Big Baby’ and a ‘Barbie Doll’. In fact he said one of the most hypocritical things I’ve ever heard a boxer say when he called Miller a ‘Big Baby’.

In the same conversation which he labelled AJ a baby, Miller said “When you are babysat for your entire career and you think you are the king, it’s a shock when someone steps up to you and shows you that you’re less than a speck of dirt on their window”. Yet throughout his career to date, Jarrell Miller has fought literally nobody of real talent and was held by wannabe Journeyman Joey Dawejko in 2013.

Jarrell Miller not worthy

Jarrell Miller

If we take a look at Jarrell Millers career opponents you’ll be forgiven if you’ve never heard of 99% of them as a casual boxing fan. Perhaps the hardcore audience will recognize a few more but as nothing more than journeymen and filler fighters:

  • Darius Whitson – W – a total of 3 professional fights – 1-2 record.
  • Isaac Villanueva – W – a total of 2 professional fights – 0-2 record.
  • Donnie Crawford – W – a total of 11 professional fights – 1-10 record.
  • Tyrone Gibson – W – a total of 6 professional fights – 1-5 record.
  • Joey Dawejko – T – a total of 29 fights – 19-6-4 record.
  • Tobias Rice – W – a total of 24 professional fights – 5-18-1 record.
  • Willie Chisolm – W – a total of 28 professional fights – 7-21 record.
  • Sylvester Barron – W – a total of 20 professional fights – 9-10-1 record.
  • Jon Hill – W – a total of 13 professional fights – 6-7 record.
  • Joshua Harris – W – a total of 18 professional fights – 9-8-1 record.
  • Rodricka Ray – W – a total of 16 professional fights – 6-9-1 record.
  • Aaron Kinch – W – a total of 12 professional fights – 5-5-2 record.
  • Raymond Ochieng – W – a total of 51 professional fights – 26-22-3 record.
  • Damon McCreary – W – a total of 22 professional fights – 15-7 record.
  • Excell Holmes – W – a total of 11 professional fights – 2-8-1 record.
  • Akhror Muralimov – W – a total of 20 professional fights – 16-4 record.
  • Donovan Dennis – W – a total of 15 professional fights – 12-3 record.
  • Nick Guivas – W – a total of 26 professional fights – 14-9-3 record.
  • Fred Kassi – W – a total of 27 professional fights – 18-8-1 record.
  • Gerald Washington – W – a total of 22 professional fights – 19-2-1 record.
  • Mariusz Wach – W – a total of 37 professional fights – 33-4 record.
  • Johann Duhaupas – W – a total of 42 professional fights – 37-5 record.
  • Tomasz Adamek – W – a total of 59 professional fights – 53-6 record.
  • Bogdan Dinu – W – a total of 19 professional fights – 18-1 record.

There’s no doubting that he has beaten fighters with respectable records. The likes of Adamek, Kassi and Duhaupas carry nice looking records but if you inspect them further you’ll notice they achieved those records in the same way that Miller did – they fought nobody fighters.

The fact of the matter is Jarrell has never fought anyone with any real credibility in his career. He’s an athlete who changed sports, got a couple of nice knockout victories against nobody fighters and somehow that makes him worthy of a clash with Anthony Joshua? I wouldn’t even put him in a ring with Actor Anthony Russo letalone the king of the heavyweight division.

If you want my advice, don’t bother ordering this fight. Jarrell Miller will sit on the defensive and Joshua’s power will have him out cold within 4 rounds.

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