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3 Keys For Cam Newton Success in 2018

Norv Turner

You can look for the singing of Offensive Coordinator Norv Turner to help Cam Newton out a lot this season with the Panthers. This is a coach that like to use his running back in various different ways. He coached Darren Sproles in San Diego when he had some of his best statistical years, and he will probably try and implement Christian Mccaffrey into these same schemes. Norv is also a coach that loves to get the ball down field in a hurry with a lot of long downfield passes.

This is when he will love his First-round pick D.J. Moore and vet Devin Funchess. He has a love for tall receivers in all of his schemes. Josh Gordon, Vincent Jackson, and Michael Irvin have all seen career years with Norv Turner calling the shots, so look for Devin Funchess to have a breakout year in 2018. Norv’s offense will help Cam out a lot in the 2018 season by utilizing the things he loves to do most, and getting the ball out of his hands quickly.

Cam Newton’s Receiver Core

Cam Newton

They added some much needed help to their wide receiver core. For the majority of Cam Newton’s career, he has heavily relied on Greg Olsen, but they haven’t really had a go to receiver for Cam to throw to. Devin Funchess is a young receiver that they have had for the past 3 years, but he hasn’t quite had the breakout that people expected. He did have a spike in his stats after the departure of Kelvin Benjamin.

They also took the receiver out of Maryland D.J. Moore in the first round of this year’s draft, who is around 6’0 tall and has a very strong build similar to Steve Smith. D.J. Moore had 80 receptions, 1,033 yards, and 8 touch downs his Junior Season at Maryland. They also added Torrey Smith who played for the Eagles last year. These targets can most definitely help out Cam get down field without having to force feed the ball to Greg Olsen all season long. These new found targets will make get the support of Cam considering he hasn’t a consistent core of receivers since he has been in Carolina

Christian Mccaffrey

We can look for him to blossom in his Sophomore campaign. He didn’t really have that great of year splitting snaps with Johnathon Stewart last year. Ron Rivera even stated that he expects Christian to have over 200 carries this year, which would be much more than his 117 in 2017. He only had 435 yards, only 2 touchdowns and only averaging 3.7 yards per carry. They mainly tried to utilize him in the passing game, where he had 80 catches for 651 yards, and 5 receiving touchdowns.

Hopefully they open up the playbook more him this year and try to use him in the running game more so Cam doesn’t have to take such a toll on his body like the last couple of years. The Panthers also added CJ Anderson, but I would not expect him to get the starting job over Christian. Mccaffrey new role and new usage should more than definitely help out Cam throughout the 2018 season.

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