Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Trade Deadline day: Bears very quiet

Ryan Pace said to local radio before the NFL trade deadline that the Bears will have a aggressive mindset to improve. Now looking at Pace’s trading history, he has never been scared to get his hands dirty and do some deals.

You can look at high profile examples of the Khalil Mack trade, the infamous Mitch Trubisky trade and then this years holy grail of trading up for Justin Fields on draft day. It not just incomings because a huge star in our defense, Kyle Fuller was traded away in the off-season, and has since dropped off quality wise.

Not every trade has been seen in the best light, some of the trades have come off, some haven’t and some are yet to come to fruition. But the key thing to take from this is that the Bears GM is not afraid to get involved in shaking things up. And given the teams 3-5 win-loss record, a shake up may well be needed.

With all this in mind, you can understand where the rumours started to swell, with a few people being thrown onto the Bears table.


Allen Robinson’s name had been swirling around due to his contract situation and lack of connection with Fields; Montgomery was thrown about because of the emergence in Herbert, the idea you can get some draft capital back as Herbert is showing he is capable; Dalton was mentioned with Fields now the starter, what would we need Dalton for?

So by the end of the deadline… the Bears stood still.

No trades were made, we don’t even know if offers were put out there or if Pace had phone calls with anyone. We’re sure that the truths will come to fruition but as it stands it was a ghostly quiet day in the Bears front office.

You can understand why. Pace is in year 7 of his GM-ship and Nagy is in year 4 of his Head Coaching and selling some of the farm for draft picks suggests that a rebuild is on the cards. That would not look good for the higher ups, who have shown a lot of faith in the two top dogs mentioned.

There is another question… Were the higher-ups blocking any trades? Why trade players or get rid of picks available in future drafts, when they could be getting rid of their GM and Head Coach for new people to come in. They could have run out of rope and being told to show up or shut up shop.

I mean, to reiterate, the Bears are 3-5. If you were an owner, with what you have seen transpiring, would you trust this front office to make more moves? I want to say this is all speculation, but it was a tense time after last season and it is something to think about.

The feeling they are giving off, especially with Pace saying they were going to be aggressive and yet it was so quiet, is that they are doubling-down and buckling up for a last chance to get into the playoffs and save their jobs.

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