Friday, May 24, 2024

Three best landing spots for Julio Jones in 2021

With the writing on the wall for one of the most prolific receivers in recent memory where will Julio Jones land in 2021. Having proclaimed “I’m outta there” to Shannon Sharpe on live TV it seems Julio is already backing his bags and looking for a spot where he can win.

So what are the three best landing spots for a WR that wants to win in 2021? Let’s take a look.


Do the Browns have enough space in that locker room for another great WR when they already have Jarvis Landry and OBJ? It hasn’t worked out great for OBJ in Cleveland by Julio could be just what they need to sort that room out and develop a little more professionalism.

The Browns are a team on the up after ousting the Steelers from the playoffs last season and giving the Chiefs a real run for their money. Julio Jones could be just what they need to tip them over into a genuine contender in 2021. Plus they have nearly $21-million in cap space.


DeAndre Hopkins has been trying to recruit Julio for days now on Twitter, but does this move really make sense? It all depends on if Julio believes Kyler Murray can take that next step. After an up and down 2020 where Murray still nearly squeaked the Cardinals into the playoffs, Arizona have already added AJ Green and rookie Rondale Moore to their WR room.

But with Larry Fitzgerald expected to retire prior to the season is Julio Jones the man to fill the legends cleats? It’s an enticing fit especially with the improvements the Cardinals have made on the defensive side of the ball. And Julio just might be tempted by playing in that Kliff Kingsbury offensive scheme.


But number one on the destinations for a QB who wants to win now in 2021 has to be the Indianapolis Colts. With their top receivers in need of some added star power, pairing Julio with TY Hilton, Michael Pittman, and Parris Campbell makes too much sense.

We’ve all seen what Carson Wentz can do when he has a suitable set of weapons around him and the Colts are already a playoff team and one of only two teams who can win the AFC South this year. The only real question for Julio here is whether Wentz 2020 performance was a dip or a new normal. We’re betting it was just a dip and we think Julio will as well.

Let’s us know your landing spots for Julio in the comments.

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