Saturday, April 20, 2024

COVID-19: The Best Isolation Phone Games

With the lockdown now into week three, we’ve been taking a look at the best sports themed phone games to play on your iPhone.

They say that a week is a long time in politics. By that measure, three weeks seems like about three years in the lockdown stakes.

All is not lost, however, it’s time to hone your skills and find the best games on your phone to while away the hours.

The Sports Despatch takes a look at some great games, all with a good sports theme.

Here’s the top 5, counting from the bottom to the top. This may all change in the next ten minutes, of course, depending on how badly I play!

#5: Football Chairman

If megalomania is your bag, then look no further. If your internal Daniel Levy is dying to break out, then this game is right down your street.

It’s a wonderful mix of managing supporter expectations whilst all the time building both a club and a competitive team on the park.

Surely any chairman would love to have a stadium like this

The trick is to take over a team at the lowest level and turn it into a top level team.

Of course, you may find that trying to rebuild Hereford FC back to their former glories a job that keeps you awake at night – but you’ll have fun trying!

Luke’s Addictivity Rating: 7.5/10
Find it here:

#4: Madden NFL Mobile

If you’re a fan of NFL like I am, then you’ll love this adaptation of the popular console game.

It’s fun, multi player and definitely something to while the hours away.

If you can find space like this, you’re better than me!

Of course – it’s got many add-ons, many of which you can buy with cash, and the pursuit of the perfect team may not come cheap.

Don’t give away a punt return TD!

The controls are simple and intuitive to learn, and it’s only real downside is that on my phone, at least, it can bring your battery life down.

When all’s said and done, however, it’s still much fun. Unless you’re a Dolphins fan……

Luke’s Addictivity Rating: 8/10
Find it here:

#3: New Star Soccer

I’ll admit, at first, I didn’t think this game was all that good.

It grows on you. And it makes you want to play it. NEED to play it.

You start off as a young footballer, and through practice and various life choices, you can either make it as a star footballer, or be the new Freddy Adu.

This game gives you the choice!

You can choose the superstar life, or the mega transfer, pursuing your dream move.

Luke’s Addictivity Rating: 8.25/10
Find it here:

#2: Football Manager 2020

Who loved Champ Man when it was around? Who can remember the original Football Manager by Kevin Toms? (Perhaps I’m showing my age now!)

Do you want to take your team to the top of the league? Have you, like me, dreamed of taking control of your club and winning the Champions League 8 times in a row? With Macclesfield? (Okay – so “Edit Mode” may have been used, but hey!).

If you’re that kind of addicted, then let me introduce Football Manager 2020.

It’s special, it’s addictive, *and* it’s fun to play.

And – yes – Jack Rodwell is still a gigantic waste of cash in it.

If you live and breath football, then this is the game for you!

Luke’s Addictivity Rating: 9.95/10
Find it here:

#1: Retro Bowl

Without further ado, and a new entry in the most addictive game of all time awards, ladies and gentlemen I give you….

Retro Bowl. It’s the new #1 — and by a distance.

“I .. threw a pick six when I was on the train this morning, and yelled expletives at the top of my voice…..”.

Everybody, everywhere

The game that’s so addictive that my friend Colin said this:

“Thanks for recommending this game. I threw a pick six when I was on the train this morning, and yelled expletives at the top of my voice, the lady across from me nearly had a heart attack”.

Now *that* is a special kind of addictive.

I can give this game up any time. Any time. I mean I’m on season 19, and I’ve just won my 6th Retro Bowl and I feel like I can give it up.

Okay – give me my phone back. Just ONE more game. Honestly.

So addictive, there’s actually a new RetroAnon group starting…..

This is the beautiful mix of being GM and head coach that’s just unbeatable.

You build the team and your franchise, AND you play the game.

If you throw a pick, you know that, not only are you terrible at the game, but you’re also a terrible GM for not getting the right players.

My nailed on #1. Sorry Football Manager, you were good, but this is waaaaaay better.

Luke’s Addictivity Rating: 174/10
Find it here:

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