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Super Bowl 54: The Sports Despatch team share their predictions for Miami showdown

It’s not long to go until one of the most anticipated Super Bowls in recent memory gets underway and we can’t wait to see who comes out on top.

The Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers will square off in Miami for the chance to lift the Lombardi Trophy and take home the coveted Super Bowl 54 ring.

The Chiefs are slight favourites while the 49ers are expected to put up the toughest of fights through a strong running game and a top defence.

It’s a close one to call but we here at the Sports Despatch have given it a go and laid out our predictions ahead of the big game on Sunday night.

Luke Campbell – Chiefs win Super Bowl 54: 24-21 in overtime

I think the Chiefs will edge it in OT, most likely from a losing position at the end of the first half.

My reasons are that I think Mahomes and Andy Reid will make offensive adjustments to beat the Niners defense in the second half.

In my heart though, I want a big 49ers win in Super Bowl 54, just because of Montana, Rice and Young – they were part of my childhood of NFL.

Freddy Harper-Davies – Chiefs win 27-17

I think despite the supposed frailties on the Kansas City defense, the likes of Honey Badger have really improved it and we all know what Mahomes can do.

The run game of the Chiefs isn’t the same with no Hunt.

I don’t know what it is about the Niners that I just feel that it’ll be an off night.

It may come down to who uses their star tight end the best to determine who wins Super Bowl 54.

Alex Green – Chiefs win 23-7

This one is super hard to predict – as much as I think Kansas City have more ways to get it done, how do you go against the 49ers run game?

Gun to my head, Mahomes hits Kelce for at least two touchdowns and Kansas City do enough to beat the 49ers by 16 points because some sort of spooky poetry will play out and they will mirror the score that won them the Super Bowl 50 years ago.

Dan Trigg – 49ers win 28-21

What it comes down to is whether the 49ers pass defense is better than the Chiefs’ run defense and in my opinion, it is.

I think a moderate score line sees the 49ers win 28-21

Katie Feehan – 49ers win 31-28

As good as their defenses are, I think this will be a shoot-out with both teams flexing their offensive muscles.

They have both put up serious points in the playoffs and have proven they know how to beat good defenses.

A telling factor is that in both their playoff games so far, the Chiefs have started slow and fallen behind by double digits, showing their strength is perhaps learning from their opponents during the action.

It’s testament to Andy Reid’s coaching skills that his half-time adjustments have seen his team come back and win those games but don’t expect the 49ers to be so forgiving if they get the lead early.

The San Francisco’s versatile running game has it for me. I think they will be tough to stop and while Mahomes will put up some points, I can see the pressure of being favourites in his first Super Bowl getting to the 24-year-old.

Meanwhile, even if the Chiefs stop the Niners’ running game, they have Jimmy Garoppolo to fall back on.

Granted, he hasn’t been asked to do much in their playoff run but the guy has worked under Tom Brady long enough that you just know some of that game-time calm has rubbed off.

It will be close but my money is on the 49ers in this one.

Ray Burton – 49ers win 27-24

Possibly the most hyped best Super Bowl of recent memory, it will have a long way to go to match Super Bowl 52.

There have been other close Championship games of late and this has the potential to be up there with the best of them.

I expect the Chiefs to come out a lot more dialled in than they have been so far in the playoffs and put some points up early.

The key will be whether the Niners can stay with them. If they can’t then the much vaunted San Francisco running game gets put to one side and it becomes a Mahomes versus Garoppolo battle where I believe the Niners come up just short.

That said, I don’t see it happening that way in Super Bowl 54. I think the Chiefs try to stack the box early, and Garoppolo hits George Kittle and Deebo Samuels for some decent gains to soften up the defence and keep their running game active for the whole sixty minutes.

The Chiefs’ defense will tire late on with the time of possession skewed in San Francisco’s favour, and concede the go ahead score with under two minutes to play. Mahomes comes up just short, and the Niners win 27-24

Who do you think will come out on top? Share your predictions in the comments section.

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