Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Should the Falcons sell out for Fields at QB1?

The Atlanta Falcons offseason is all about the quarterback position after a disastrous 2023 season saw two QB’s and a head coach destroy a promising season.

Last season’s head coach Arthur Smith failed to survive his horrendous decision making around the QB situation. Flip-flopping between Desmond Ridder and Taylor Heinicke, gave neither QB a chance to settle and, potentially, lead the Falcons to the playoffs.

Let’s not forget Atlanta was right in that hunt for the NFC South title until the death of the season.

Falcons and Justin Fields is a match made in?

The thing is the options for the Falcons aren’t necessarily all that great. There’s the former Super Bowl winner who’s on the downside of his career in Russell Wilson. The over-priced slinger who can’t win enough games in Kirk Cousins.

The meh-starter dumped by two teams in Ryan Tannehill. And of course, the former first-rounder that seems to have flamed out in Chicago missing open receivers for fun in Justin Fields.

Of those four options, Justin Fields has to be the number one option, and despite what the Bears are saying he’s definitely available, and a lot cheaper than you’d expect because the Bears have played their hand terribly.

Of course there is an option for the Falcons to draft a QB. Who would that be…Williams looks a lock at number 1 to the Bears, Drake Make likewise is surely headed to Washington with the 2 pick, and Jayden Daniels to the new regime in New England.

All three desperately need a QB and it’s hard to see that changing before the draft. So are Atlanta sold on Michel Penix at 8? He’ll probably fall that far because he’s not top-tier, which makes me baulk when the price for Fields is likely two second round picks.

What we have seen from Fields is steady progress in each year, would you like to see more? Absolutely. But 2023 was easily his best year even though the Bears were in complete chaos.

Surround him with London, Pitts, Robinson and I think there’s a chance he can become a genuinely good QB and has a shot at winning a Championship. It’s hard to know how strong the market for Fields is, but as long as we’re dealing with nothing more than a two and a conditional two that could become a one if the Falcons make the playoffs I would do the deal.

Anything that touches that number-8 picks is off the table.

Will new head coach Raheem Morris see things the same way, or maybe he loves Penix at 8. It’s highly unlikely Ridder is in the frame as a long-term starter, or maybe even the backup. But this Falcons team is pretty close to being really good.

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