Friday, March 31, 2023

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Ryan Kerrigan hangs up cleats after 11 years

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Linebacker Ryan Kerrigan has announced his retirement after 11 seasons and four pro bowl appearances. He signed a one-day contract with the Commanders to retire with the team he made 156 appearances for.

HC Ron Rivera, former defensive teammates and dozens of others turned up in the lobby of the facility to give Ryan Kerrigan a round of applause and show their appreciation for one Washingtons best players over a lean period in their history.

In a heartfelt statement Ryan Kerrigan said, “Sometimes I think about the life that I’ve been able to live because of football, and I can’t believe it’s me that’s been chosen to live it.”No matter how long I played and no matter how focused I was on the task at hand, I thankfully never lost sight of just how cool it is to be an NFL player.

“Pulling up to FedEx Field on game day and seeing so many people there in my jersey was just about as cool (as) it gets. And to have had the success that I was able to have? Something I never in my wildest dreams could have envisioned. To say I’m thankful would be quite the understatement.

“While I’m thankful for the amazing times and memories I was able to have as a player, I’m equally thankful to now have the wisdom and courage to walk away. We all eventually come to the end of our playing days, and that time is now for me.”


Kerrigan wound up his career with 109 sacks, 24 forced fumbles and three interceptions. He found the end zone four times in his career and was a constant headache for QB’s registering 407 pressures during his time in the league.

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