Friday, May 24, 2024

Robert Saleh still supporting horrible Wilson

The New York Jets Head Coach Robert Saleh is betting his job, and possibly his career on QB Zach Wilson being able to get the job done. Speaking on Monday, Saleh refused to blame his QB for any of the offensive woes the team has faced.

“It’s hard to make changes just to make changes, just to pacify something, especially when someone is not deserving of that,” Saleh said Monday. “If he was deserving, I gotcha, let’s change something. That’s always the case for every position.”


“He’s much better than he was a year ago,” Saleh said of Wilson. “He’s year one in a new system, a system that was built for Aaron, let’s be real, and we’re trying to make a shift to where everyone is comfortable. I think he’s doing a good job. It’s not all perfect, there’s been some peaks and valleys, but we were moving the ball. To try to pinpoint it all on one person, with everything that’s been happening, I don’t see how that’s productive.”

Robert Saleh also reiterated his support for embattled offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett, saying that they are working together to find potential changes and tweaks they can make to turn things around.

The Jets rank 29th on total offence, 30th on passing, 18th rushing, and 30th for points. The Jets longest drive Sunday was 56-yards and ended with a Zach Wilson interception. The Jets have now not scored a touchdown in 36 drives.

Wilson ranks 30th on ESPN’s QBR rating, and 24/27 QB’s with at least 230 drop backs per PFF.

Robert Saleh may not be blaming Wilson, but that could well mean they are both out at the end of the season.

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