Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Quiet Cowboys barreling toward horrific ’24

The Dallas Cowboys haven’t just been quiet in free agency they’ve been silent.

A team that was unbeaten at home in the regular season, and then flamed out in Super Wildcard Weekend hasn’t improved and has certainly lost talent. But not to worry, owner Jerry Jones knows exactly what he’s doing.

“I have been more all in before,” Jones said. “By any definition, and I have been more all in to make a run back to the line of scrimmage then I’ve been to run for 50 yards. It took more all in to just get back to the line of scrimmage than it did to run for 50 yards. Sometimes that is a bigger challenge.”

“That is really the gist of what we’re about this year. We’ve got to get it done. … with lesser.”

Cowboys have lost the plot

“I think that we have been in a situation where we can get it done with lesser,” Jones said. “More doesn’t necessarily beat Green Bay. There are other things. Maybe having it better strategically in different spots, but more than necessarily beating them. So, we’re going to be asked to do some things different because we got some different players.”

So far this offseason the Cowboys have lost major contributors such as Tony Pollard and Tyron Smith.

“I would look at the last three seasons, and I would say from that, we know what we’re doing,” Jones said. “We’ve had excellent talent and have had enough to win 12 games. And I’ve had coaching that does correlate. Rather than start all over, my judgment is to take what we’ve got. Be as strategic about what we’re going to be doing in the next few years.

“Be strategic but not compromise an all-in now.”

“We’ve been hanging around the rim pretty good,” Jones said. “I know our fans don’t want to hear it. But we’ve been hanging around the rim pretty good. We’ve been winning a lot of games. That’s what has transpired with us spending that money the way we spent it. Is it satisfactory to sit here and not have advanced the last two or three years? Absolutely not.”

So while the fans are losing their patience it seems that Jerry Jones is saying Head Coach Mike McCarthy has the talent on the roster and he needs to win with it. The same goes for QB Dak Prescott who the Cowboys will soon have to pay again, or not.

Clearly Jerry Jones is in no mood to compromise, so the Cowboys better have a big 2024 or it could be a bloodbath in Arlington.

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