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Players to watch in 2018 NFL Season

As the 2018 NFL season fast approaches we look at some players set to take the league by storm this season.

Jimmy Graham

Look for Jimmy to be Aaron Rodgers go to target this year, since they did not resign Jordy Nelson and Jimmy has been looking for a change of scenery for quite some time now.  Jimmy has something to prove this year because a number of other tight ends have emerged and taken his spot as one of the best in the league. He only recorded 57 receptions for 520 yards, but hauled in 10 touchdowns. Seahawks were never a good fit for him because they do not like throw to the tight end and just use them as an extra blocker. He racked in 10 touchdowns last year, which was tied most in the NFL and the most he’s had since 2014 with the Saints.

Marcus Mariotta

Martiots got a taste of the playoffs and now has a different mindset. Could look for new coach to help with his passing. 13 touchdowns lowest of his career and 15 interceptions the most in any season of his career. This could be due to him only playing 15 game each of last two NFL seasons. Marcus has yet to play an entire season since coming into the NFL in 2015. This could be the year that he takes the jump from up and coming player to superstar. He will finally have the Corey Davis for the full season who missed a huge chunk of his rookie season due to a hamstring injury. Hopefully he can post an entire healthy season so that we can see what he can do with his new weapons.

Allen Hurns set to torch the NFL

He recently signed to the Dallas Cowboys and now he will have to perform well in the big lights. Taking over Dez responsibilities since he was cut during the offseason. This could be a go-to target that they did not have last year with the aging Dez and Jason Witten, and Dak will finally have a go-to target in the pass game. Terrence Williams status for the beginning of the season is still a little unclear due to his arrest in May. After posting career high numbers in 2015, posting his only 1000-yard season of his careers. He just could not seem to get back that form after posting a career low 2 touchdowns in 2017. This change of scenery may help him out in the long run.

Allen Robinson & Mitch Trubisky

Both of these players are looking to turn things around in the 2018 NFL season after the addition of head Coach Matt Nagy. Mitch has the rookie jitters behind him and may finally have a coach that can play him to his strengths. He finally has his go to target in Allen Robinson, which is something that he could not say last year. This is also a year for Allen Robinson showing what he can do after coming off of ACL surgery and missing the entirety of last year. Allen Robinson is in a similar situation to Allen Hurns having his best season in 2015 and that being the only year he posted 1000 yards and double digits’ touchdowns. Hopefully he can prove that in a new system that that 2015 season was not a complete fluke.

What do you think of this years NFL 2018 best storylines? Who are the players to watch, and which teams will blow past their expectations? Let us know your opinions on our social channels.

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