Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Patriots HC talks up and down new QB for 2024

New Patriots head coach Jarod Mayo gave a much more chatty performance at the owners meetings than Bill Belichick used to, and left many scratching their heads and trying to decipher exactly what his words meant.

“If we take a quarterback at three that means we are convicted that this player is really the future of this organization,” said Mayo. “There are multiple (positions) on this team as a whole that we want to fill those holes. If you can gather more picks, that definitely helps you out.”

The Patriots have whiffed on a few free agents in 2024 and many have questioned whether it’s because of their lack of experience, bad GM work, or a lack of a plan at QB. May didn’t shy away from the questions, while making an odd question about his “GM/Scounting Consulant”.

“There were various reasons why guys didn’t sign with us,” Mayo explained. “The unknown is scary for a lot of people. And I would say even in our building right now, it’s still unknown. Like, will I be a good head coach? I don’t know, hopefully. I think I can be.

Will Eliot Wolf be a good GM or whatever he is in his role? I don’t know. We’ll see what happens with that. But look, it’s gonna be a process. You (media) guys even sitting around this table, there will be times that you had to ask me hard questions. Right now we’re 0-0, we’re still in the honeymoon phase. You guys are throwing up these softballs. But I understand what I’m getting myself into, as we continue to go down this trail.

Patriots are taking a QB regardless of what Mayo says

Mayo did expand on what he was looking for in a new Patriots QB, and while the prerequisites make a lot of sense, there’s no way you can know them all with a rookie QB.

“One thing I would say as you go through the draft, you want to get guys that are magnets. You know, I played with the ultimate magnet in Tom Brady, where guys wanted to play for Tom with Tom and with the team, right? And so it kind of gets skewed and now it’s the other end of the spectrum. What pieces do we have to attract those outside guys? And once again, if we draft a guy, you’re coming here. So that’s that has to be our philosophy as we continue to put this thing together.”

Despite the sometimes flip-floppery of Mayo’s comments around the Patriots drafting a QB there is no doubt that will be the pick at number 3. Whether Drake Maye, most likely, or Jayden Daniels.

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