Patriots carrying only 1 QB on roster! Is Bill Crazy?

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The New England Patriots cut Bailey Zappe and Malik Cunningham from their initial 53-man roster leaving them with only one QB on their roster as things stand in starter Mac Jones.

Readers may recall that Jones was benched at one point last season for Zappe after Jones sucked. Zappe started two games for the Patriots last season and appeared in two relief appearances going 65/92- 70.7% – 781 yards – 5 touchdowns – 3 interceptions. Two of those interceptions came in the game Jones was benched.


There’s no doubt that Bill Belichick is still the man in New England. There’s pretty much no coach in the NFL that would cut his backup QB and hope he clears waivers so you can put him on your practice squad. And this is what makes Bill so special, unless it doesn’t work.

Imagine the level of genius this will appear if the Patriots can keep Bailey Zappe on the practice squad, at least to start the season? By having only one QB on the roster it clears up spots for other position players to be retained. It could be genius. Or it could be the decision that nails Belichick as the once genius who has now lost the plot.

Because no-one is confused about whether Mac Jones is the next Tom Brady. Through two seasons Jones has 36 touchdowns and 24 interceptions, and Bill hates turnovers.

But make no mistake this is also Bill sending everyone a message. Mac Jones is QB1. If Bailey Zappe ends up on the practice squad that would be ideal, but he’s not QB1. And Bill has sent that message loud and clear.

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