Sunday, January 24, 2021

Super Bowl 54: ‘It’s Magic Mahomes’ – Chiefs teammates heap praise on star QB

Last night, as I’m sure you’re no doubt aware, Patrick Mahomes lead Kansas City Chiefs to a 31-20 win in Super Bowl 54 against the San Francisco 49ers.

Despite a few setbacks, Chiefs quarterback Mahomes came up clutch in the fourth quarter and lead his team to a first Lombardi trophy in over 50 years.

After the game, Mahomes’ teammates took the opportunity to tell the media just how much they love their star QB!

Travis Kelce – TE

“It don’t matter the score – we’ve got Pat Mahomes. It’s magic Mahomes, it’s showtime Mahomes,” said Travis Kelce.

“He’s going to be himself no matter what the scenario is, and you know what? I love him. He willed this team back into the game.”

Tyreek Hill – WR

Star receiver Tyreek Hill added to that by telling the media of Mahomes never say die attitude.

“We were down and he was telling us to believe in the fourth quarter. He could see it in some guys’ eyes, they were getting down, including myself.

“I was like man, are we going to pull this off? And he was like, you’ve got to believe brother. He brought the guys together and you saw what happened. We’re something special, this band of brothers are blessed to have one another.”

Anthony Sherman – FB

“You know it’s possible because we’ve done it, but you know it’s possible because you’ve got Pat as your quarterback,” Anthony Sherman said. “Are you kidding me? Anything is possible with him.”

Damien Wilson – LB

“We’re never out of a game because we know what we’ve got with Pat,” linebacker Damien Wilson said. “He’s greatness in a bottle.” 

Pat Mahomes himself!

“I never have that mindset of losing the game,” said Mahomes.

“I play and compete to the very end, the last whistle, until that clock strikes zero. I knew we weren’t in the ideal situation but I believed in my defense to get stops and they did. We kept fighting and we found ways to win in the end.”

Super Bowl MVP Mahomes is 24. NFL MVP Lamar Jackson is 23. The future of the sport is in safe hands and in a year’s time the madness will descend on Florida once more – to Tampa.


Super Bowl 54 was, in all aspects, one of the best in recent memory. The roller-coaster ride Pat Mahomes took us on in the second half as he threw two interceptions before leading his team down the field on a game winning drive was incredible.

To add to that, for all their mistakes in the game, the Niners are a joy to watch when they’re in full flow. We didn’t see the full extent of their power on the ground last night, but the likes of Deebo Samuel came up with some scintillating runs that had me on the edge of my seat.

THEN, to add to the magnificent game, the Super Bowl half-time show was probably the best in living memory! I know this is a sports website but daaaaaaaaaaamn – I couldn’t help myself but to at least mention it once.

Shakira and J-Lo, with a couple of guests, gave us a Latina spectacle in Miami – and I LOVED IT!

But, when all is said and done, Super Bowl 54 will be remembered as the first ring on Andy Reid’s finger and the first ring on Pat Mahomes’ finger.

The pair are a match made somewhere in the Gods and I for one don’t see this being the last time Mahomes puts his very talented hands on that Lombardi Trophy.

What do you think, how many Super Bowl titles will Pat Mahomes end up with by the time he retires in 15-20 years time? Leave us a comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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