Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Panthers GM with damning claim on 23 team

New Panthers GM Dan Morgan has said his team needs “dawgs” next season.

“We’ve got to get some guys that are passionate about football, that love football, that want to come out every day and compete on the practice field, in the weight room,” Morgan said. “We need competitors. … We need some dawgs.”

Carolina were the worst team in the league last year and need to build around last seasons number one overall pick QB Bryce Young.

Panthers need to fight every down

Morgan has received a lot of praise from another NFL GM who knows him quite well.

“He’s a ball-buster,” said Bills general manager Brandon Beane who was previously a member of the Carolina personnel department when Morgan was a player. “He’s very serious, competitive. He’s going to do it right”

“But he’s a good guy to have on staff because he also has that side that helps when things aren’t always going well.’ He’s still very serious, but he does bring a great humor to meetings,” Beane said. “He’s one of those in the room that when sometimes you can feel the tension, he will drop a line.”

“But most of all he wants to win, and he will do everything to make that happen.”

If there’s one thing the Panthers surely need it’s someone who knows how to win. Let’s see whether Morgan is that guy.

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