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The Green Bay Packers season hasn’t exactly been fun to watch for fans so far. Jordan Love and Christian Watson have formed basically no chemistry over the seasons first 9 games.

Offensive Coordinator Adam Stenavich, now in his second year as Packers OC, has struggled to put his stamp on gamelan’s, and find away to get his two stars to work well together. But whatever the issues, improvements are needed fast.


As much as the Green Bay Packers season has been a challenge, at 3-6 they need to build towards 2024. If Jordan Love is to cement his place as the franchise QB he needs not only to perform better, but to be able to develop chemistry with his receivers.

Through 9 games only 4 players average more than 3 catches per game. If Love has a favourite receiver it’s Romeo Doubs who has 343 yards and 6 touchdowns. Jayden Reed is the only other Packer with more than 1 touchdown catch. Christian Watson has seen a lot of that attention on him after a relatively slow start to his second season as a Packer.

And it doesn’t help when 5 of Love’s 10 interceptions this season, including 2 on Sunday have come when the Packers QB has targeted Watson.

Christian Watson has been getting frustrated after an impressive rookie campaign…when his QB was Aaron Rodgers. “At some point, it’s going to click,” Watson said. “It’s tough mentally just knowing it hasn’t happened yet, but at the end of the day, I can’t control or change anything that’s happened in the past. I’m just focused on this next one.”

“I think first off, the better that we can play as an entire team, the more opportunities that everybody will get,” Watson said. “So regardless of the success or the lack of success that I’ve had this year, I think once we get rolling as a team, I think everyone will be more satisfied with the production.”

“A lot of it isn’t his fault,” Love said. “I could be better for him and things like that. Just keep that confidence high. I trust these guys that will go up from here. My message to Christian is just keep your confidence, don’t let any of that stuff ever [make] your confidence waver or anything like that. I got complete trust in Christian. I know he knows this, but I trust all my receivers. The ball’s going to come out regardless. Just keep that confidence.

“When you’re losing, a lot of people would point fingers and things like that. It happens. It comes with the territory. He’s a professional. He knows that. That’s everybody in the locker room. I told him to keep that confidence up, keep making plays, and move on to the next one.”

But while Love is talking a great game, the Packers need that game to be on the field. As hard, and maybe unfair as it is, winning QB’s find a way to win, and the Packers need some wins pretty bad. It’s not always about talent for a QB, it’s about making those connections with teammates on the field.

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