Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Packers down Bears 17-9 to finish strong

The Packers were supposed to struggle without Aaron Rodgers, but they’re straight back in the playoffs under Jordan Love after rounding off the regular season with a 17-9 win.

“I think everyone knew what we were capable of,” Love said. “All the games we lost were close games that we knew there were little things we could fix that would put us over the hump to win those games. I think we were always right there in every game, so that was the thing that was easy for us to keep believing.”

Packers answer questions, Love the future

There were a lot of questions about Love earlier in the season but not anymore. “I said it back in camp: He’s the best quarterback in the league,” Packers cornerback Jaire Alexander said. “And he’s been proving it these past few weeks.”

“He’s a tough-minded sucker,” Packers head coach Matt LaFleur said of Love. “His family did a hell of a job raising him just in terms of what he’s all about.”

The Packers aren’t only about offence though as their defence held the Beast out of the end zone and under 200 total yards of offence.

On the other side of the ball ball there are questions about both QB Justin Fields, and head coach Matt Eberflus. Will either, one, or neither return to Chicago in 2024? No one seems to know yet.

“I control what I can control,” Fields said. “And I’m going to get healthy this offseason, spend time with my family and get better. Like I said, we went through the same thing last year. We had the No. 1 pick, everybody was asking, ‘What if? What if? What if?’ And nothing happened. I’m not saying that nothing might happen, because, shoot, we all don’t know.”

Chicago BearsGreen Bay Packers
1st Downs1324
Passing 1st downs814
Rushing 1st downs410
1st downs from penalties10
3rd down efficiency3-117-10
4th down efficiency1-10-0
Total Plays4660
Total Yards192432
Total Drives67
Yards per Play4.27.2
Yards per pass5.69.3
Interceptions thrown00
Sacks-Yards Lost5-311-8
Rushing Attempts2527
Yards per rush3.04.6
Red Zone (Made-Att)0-22-4
Fumbles lost01
Interceptions thrown00
Defensive / Special Teams TDs00

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