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NFL Lingo Explained

The National Football League (NFL) is one of the most traditional sports that is out there, and it offers a great combination of team communication, strategy, and skill. However, one of the more frequently searched for topics surrounding the NFL is what some of the words or phrases mean. Because of how the game has evolved and adapted to the changing times, a lot of the commonly used terms can create a level of confusion. These are some of the most frequently searched for phrases and a brief explanation about what they mean. Check out Fanduel’s odds for the Super Bowl for more information. 


Firstly, an MVP is the abbreviation for the Most Valuable Player. This is a way of honoring players at the end of a big game, or even at the end of the season. The MVP title is given to an individual player who stood out and achieved particularly impressive results on their own or as a team. The MVP is widely recognized as an esteemed award that is something that rookies strive towards in particular. 


A rookie is someone who is in their first season of professional football. Within the NFL, there are a great number of awards given to rookies who have had exceptional first seasons. Because most players are drafted in their college leagues, they tend to be younger than the majority of their teammates. 

Super Bowl

This is the name given to the stadium that hosts the annual football championship. It came from the idea that it looked like a gigantic soup bowl, and the nickname stuck. The Super Bowl holds the end of the season football games, where the best in the league compete for the Lombardi Trophy, an iconic prize given to the highest scoring team. 


Like in most sports games, this is the name given to when a member of the opposition interferes with a pass and manages to catch it. 


This is the main way of scoring points, and players aim to carry the ball to their opponent’s base. After passing the line, they will then hold the ball on the ground so that it makes contact with it, which is where the name comes from. Generally, a touchdown is worth six points when done correctly. 

Cornerback vs Fullback 

A cornerback is a member of the defensive line, and their main job is to cover the receiver. Each player must cover an opponent, which allows them to intercept the ball when the opportunity presents itself. By comparison, a fullback carries the ball much less. They tend to do a lot of the blocking that prevents the other team from passing. 


A conference is simply the name given to the two counterparts that make up the NFL. These are the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC). They are more commonly known as subdivisions that joined together to form the enormous group that is the NFL. 

To summarize, there are a lot of other terms that could be used within the NFL, however these have been some of the most common. Check out the link above for more detail.

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