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2020 NFL Draft: The Importance Of The Number 3 Pick

April 23rd marks the start of the 2020 NFL Draft in Las Vegas and every day a different mock draft appears.

Every pundit and person in the media has different takes on who will go where as well as which teams will trade up to get certain players.

For me the most interesting position for many is the third overall pick in the NFL draft. It is currently held by the Detroit Lions. The Lions are favoured to get a corner or a defensive tackle but could they surprise everyone and get a quarterback?

I have gone on record in previous blogs that Matt Stafford is underrated but the fact is that he has taken the Lions to just one playoff game in his career in Detroit.

The Lions have not won a play off game since 1991 and they look a long way away from winning another play off game in the near future.

They started off encouragingly at 2-0-1 in the 2019 season before the injury to Stafford but even if Stafford played I couldn’t realistically have seen them making a deep play off run.

They need to boost their offense which has looked stale in recent years. Getting a new quarterback may well help boost that offense, helping to excite fans alot more than in previous years gone by.

Could the 3 pick be pivotal in this years NFL Draft

With Joe Burrow heavily favoured to go to the Bengals, the Lions could go for the Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovaoila, who many tip to be going to Miami. But is Miami’s pick too low down for someone who has as high a potential as Tagovailoa?

Could the Lions shake things up in both the NFL draft and their franchise by taking Tua at number 3?

However, the Lions have said they are willing to trade away that pick and with rumours of Joe Burrow doing an Eli Manning (above) and not going to Cincinnati the Lions could even take Burrow if the Heismann trophy winner wants to go there.

The Chargers initially drafted Eli Manning as the first overall pick in 2004 before Manning stated his wish not to play in san Diego (back when the Chargers played their football in San Diego.

This then caused the New York Giants, who initially drafted Philip Rivers, to trade the two players. Could this happen in 2020’s NFL draft? Burrow seems undecided as to whether he wants to play in Cincinnati or not.

The Dolphins quarterback need is great but with the form at the end of the 2019 season of Ryan Fitzpatrick, maybe Miami will wait until 2021 for Clemson’s trevor Lawrence and go for someone else at number 5 if they have doubts over the Tua injury record, as might the Lions who may want to give Stafford one more year.

Miami will probably still want Tua (above) and may feel that the Lions open for trading that pick if they feel it is an opportunity they cannot pass on.

Detroit really hold the key to this years draft as that number 3 pick will be a hot commodity.

For me I still think Burrow will go to Cincinnati being an Ohio native but I do feel that someone will trade that number 3 pick.

Whether that be the Miami Dolphins or whether it be the LA Chargers, who need a new quarterback.

Whether it be the Carolina Panthers who look like they will need a rebuild and seemingly undecided on of they should keep or get rid of Cam Newton, this years draft has the potential to be filled with drama.

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