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After years of speculation the owners are looking to rush through the addition of the NFL 17th game in the season to the 2021 season according to NBC’s Peter King. It would add another set of marquee inter-conference match-ups to the schedule that many have considered to be prime candidates for an expansion of the International series in coming seasons.

The formula that has been approved for the selection of the games is a an inter-conference matchup using the matchups from the 2019 season, and would be based on the finishing positions from the 2020 season.

Sounds complicated but not too much.


For example in 2019 the AFC East played the NFC East. So based on last years matchups, the best team in the AFC East, Buffalo would play against the best team in the NFC East, the Washington Football Team.

The home team would be the AFC in 2021, and would alternate each year.

A full list of the NFL 17th games if the move goes ahead in 2021 would be:

Washington @ Bills
Giants @ Dolphins
Cowboys @ Patriots
Eagles @ Jets

Seahawks @ Steelers
Rams @ Ravens
Cardinals @ Browns
49ers @ Bengals

Packers @ Chiefs
Bears @ Raiders
Vikings @ Chargers
Lions @ Broncos

Saints @ Titans
Bucs @ Colts
Panthers @ Texans
Falcons @ Jaguars

Some pretty exciting matchups in there if it all goes ahead.

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