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Welcome to my first and final mock draft prediction for the Miami Dolphins. This mock draft will provide who I believe the Dolphins will take in each of the first two rounds with reasoning and some analysis. So let’s go and dive right in! 


In a dream world the Dolphins will have their pick of pass catchers: Kyle Pitts, DeVonta Smith, Jaylen Waddle, Ja’marr Chase. Unfortunately, this won’t be a dream scenario for the fins as I don’t expect Kyle Pitts to get past the Falcons at four. Although the Dolphins will miss out on Pitts, Smith is certainly not a consolation prize. His size isn’t a worry to me, he led all of college football with yards after the catch.

With how the rules are and how creative I expect  Co-Offensive Coordinators George Godsey and Eric Studesville to be, Smith will have no problems getting off the line at the next level. The Bama connection with Tua is obvious, but Smith’s ability to run after catch and use his speed is the main reason he is the pick.  


Alabama Dolphins? Miami Tide? The Dolphins double up on Bama products in the first round with RB Najee Harris. Here at 18 the fins could go many ways. Another WR, OT, maybe they go on the defensive side of the ball but ultimately they keep building that offense. Flores likes his defense and has his guys he wants but knows the offense needs the most work.

Not only do the Dolphins keep the bama connection for their QB but they get the best RB in the draft. Harris brings a huge punch from the position and is exceptional at catching the ball out of the backfield. Harris can bring the spark out of the backfield they need and Gaskin will compliment Harris as a nice RB2 option. 


Creed Humphrey is my man crush in this draft (I am an offensive line homer). A three year starter, two time All-Big12 First team, two time Big12 lineman of the year and his RS Freshman year he was named second team All-Big12. On the field, Humphrey is outstanding in the run game, getting movement at the point of attack and quick enough to get to the second level and deliver a blow.

In the pass game he can process what the defense is doing quickly which allows him to pick up any stunt or blitz they may throw. According to PFF he did not allow a sack in his final two college seasons. Creeds knowledge of schemes and ability will fit well with the Dolphins and allow him to make an immediate impact on this line.  


Coach Flo finally gets a defensive player with their second pick in the second round. Browning, a five star recruit out of High School had an up and down career at Ohio State but this past season things started to click for him. You could see the game starting to slow down for him and his natural ability was able to shine. He may not be a huge contributor to the defense early, but with some coaching and development, he should turn into a nice piece for Flores’ defense. 

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