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As Jimmy Garoppolo sits on the pine in San Francisco he is unwittingly dis-proving the idea that wins are a QB stat.

The debate has long raged among NFL fans about whether the QB is the sole arbiter of that win-loss record. And while it doesn’t hold up if you’ve ever watched more than a few seasons of NFL action, Jimmy Garoppolo has become the poster-child for the debate.

Of all QBs ever to start 50+ in the NFL, Jimmy Garoppolo ranks 4th in win pct. He’s taken his team to the Super Bowl once, and to the NFC Championship game as recently as last season. He looks set to be the next NFC West SB QB to be dumped, after Jared Goff was ejected from San Francisco last off-season.

Patrick Mahomes74.784
Tom Brady363.766
Lamar Jackson53.717
Jimmy Garoppolo53.698
Aaron Rodgers227.663

Or does he?


As training camps across the country opened, Garoppolo is still sitting behind Trey Lance with his only seeming hope is that Pete Carroll will take a shot on him. Would the 49ers really trade him in the division? It seems unlikely, but there seems to be no other team interested in the fourth winningest QB in NFL history.

The only other hope after Baker Mayfield went to the Panthers seems to be the New York Giants. After declining Daniel Jones 5th-year option they could be in the market for a new signal caller. Although whether he would fit Brian Daboll’s ideal QB model is another matter.

So while some fans continue to debate the merits of anointing QB’s based on the old W-L, just remember NFL executives know better than that. And that’s why Jimmy is still sitting on the pine.

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